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MTN Night Plan: How To Activate & Check Balance

mtn night plan

Are you a telecom subscriber using MTN? Do you use your phone for browsing at odd hours at night?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then this post is for you as we shall be covering various areas on the much talked about topic amongst many MTN subscribers which is the MTN night plan alongside how to activate the plan and browse cheaply at night.

The MTN night plan comprises is of two types which are the N25 for 250MB and N50 for 500MB.

To subscribe to these plans, you need to have a minimum of N25 in your account and you also need to be a subscriber on the MTN pulse package.

When you compare the MTN night plans with night data plans provided by some other networks in Nigeria, you will come to realize that the current prices of 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25 are way ahead of their counterparts (especially Airtel) in price.

Without wasting much time let’s jump right into the post to get activation codes, auto-renewal cancellation, and more about the MTN night browsing data plan.

MTN Night Plan Activation Procedures (Updated)

As we have previously mentioned, there are two types of MTN Night Plans, the 500MB for N50 and 250MB for N25 data plans

There are two methods to activate these data plans – the SMS method and the USSD code method. We’ll be covering both methods in detail below.

Note – These MTN night plans are only for MTN Pulse subscribers, so if you have not migrated to this then dial *406# and follow the on-screen prompt to join MTN Pulse.

How To Activate MTN Night Plan Using The SMS Method

  1. Make sure your phone has up to N25 or N50 airtime (this depends on the plan you want to buy).
  2. Locate your SMS app and send “NT1” or “NT2” without quotes to 131 to get 250MB or 500MB for 25 and 50 Naira respectively
  3. You will receive a message telling you something like “Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to MTN Pulse Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00 and N25 has been deducted from your account”.
  4. Enjoy your MTN midnight browsing.

If your MTN night plan doesn’t activate after 12am, you can turn on Airplane mode on your phone and turn it off again to activate.

Just in case that doesn’t work, we recommend you first your MTN data balance to be sure that you have subscribed to the plan. If the plan is on your account, simply restart your phone and your night plan should activate.

How To Activate MTN Night Plan Using The USSD Code Method

  1. Make sure your phone has up to N25 or N50 airtime (again, this depends on the plan you want to buy).
  2. Navigate to your Dialer app and dial *406# and wait for a response
  3. When you get a response, choose “4” which is for “Nightlife Bundles”
  4. Then select the MTN Night plan of your choice and start browsing.

Please note that these plans are from 12:00 AM – 5:00 AM and have a data cap of 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50, and they can also be done multiple times on a device and they also work on all devices and you can use the MTN night plan with your other devices by simply sharing your internet hotspot while your data is turned on.

The subscription to the 250MB Night plan for N25 can be done multiple times but you can’t exceed 500MB in a day while you can only subscribe once to the 500MB Night plan for N50.

How To Check MTN Night Plan Balance

To know how much data volume you have left on your nightlife bundle, just dial *559*96# and follow the on-screen prompts. Once you dial this code, your balance will be displayed and you will also receive an SMS containing the same information.

Additionally, you can also check your MTN Night Plan data balance by dialing *406# then type in “4” and after sending that, type “3” and press send again.

If the above methods don’t work on your MTN line, you can simply check your MTH night plan data balance by texting “2” (without quotes) to 131. After sending the message, you should receive an SMS from MTN showing all your available data balances including your MTN night plan balance.

You can also monitor your data usage directly from your phone if you have a data manager app installed or you can use the default data usage manager that comes pre-installed on all internet-enabled smartphones.

How to Cancel Auto-renewal On The MTN Night Plan

To cancel the default auto-renewal on the MTN night plan, Send Stop Night” without quotes to 131.

How Many Times Can I Do MTN Night Plan?

You can only accumulate up to 2GB of data on the MTN Night plan per night, it is not unlimited.

This means that you can subscribe to the MTN 500MB night plan only 4 times per night and the 250MB night plan 8 times per night since they both sum up to 2GB only.

Unlike some other networks that allow their subscribers to purchase their night plans continuously, there is a cap on the MTN night plan.

Can I Use MTN Night Data During The Day?

No, you cannot use your MTN night data/plan during the day. It can only be used from 12 AM at night to 5 AM in the morning and nothing else.

MTN causally offers many affordable daily, weekly and monthly data plans you can choose from if you need to access the internet on your mobile device in the day time.

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