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Glo Welcome Back: How To Retrieve Your Lost Glo SIM Card Easily

Most people in Nigeria today have been in one time or the other victims of armed robbers, phone snatchers, missing devices or even sim cards and so many other situations that can make one lose valuable accessories like your mobile device or SIM Card(s).

If you’ve been in any of the before mentioned situations before, you would recall that one of the best ways to salvage the situation is to search for a SIM card retrieval or mobile phone tracking service.

In this article, we’ll be sharing the methods and materials required to retrieve your lost Glo SIM card with the Glo Welcome back service.

Without wasting more time, let me show you the steps and requirements needed to retrieve your lost, stolen, expired, or damaged Glo SIM card easily.

How to retrieve Goo Sim - Glo Welcome Back
Retrieve Glo SIM At Gloworld Shops

Requirements For Glo SIM Card Replacement

For Glo Customer care agents to replace your SIM card at any Gloworld outlets, you should be able to show some proof of ownership of your SIM Card.

Below are the documents and/or materials needed for the Glo welcome back service

1) National ID – Accepted National ID’s include International Passport, Driver’s license, National Identity card, Voters card.

Note that some Gloworld outlets accept Employee ID/Trade Union ID or School ID cards while others don’t so it is better to go with any of the National ID’s I listed above to prevent disappointments. Also, any ID you’re submitting MUST carry a clear photo of you (the owner) otherwise, it won’t be accepted.

2) SIM Pack of the lost line. If you can’t find it, you can submit a police report or a court affidavit confirming that you’re the owner of the lost Glo line.

How To Retrieve Your Lost Glo SIM Card Easily With Glo Welcome Back Service

Glo SIM card retrieval service can’t be carried out at normal SIM card and recharge card vendors so you have to visit the nearest Glo office or Gloworld center as they do call it to retrieve your Glo line.

Below are the steps to take if you want to retrieve your Glo SIM card from anywhere in Nigeria

Step 1

Visit the nearest Gloworld office in your area and tell them that you want to retrieve your lost, damaged, or stolen Glo line

Step 2

You’ll be given a copy of the Sim card replacement form to fill. On this form, you’ll be asked to enter at least 3 numbers you do call frequently on a 30 day period, your phone number, last recharge amount and date of recharge, last data plan you bought, and at least 3 of your most visited websites (if you use the sim for browsing regularly), your other phone number, mother’s maiden name, and many other details.

Please note that you’re to fill only the ones you can remember. If you can’t remember some of these details, just leave them blank and these details are for verification purposes only.

Step 3

Provide the necessary documents needed for verification when asked by the customer care representative you’ll be assigned to and wait for the process to be completed.

Step 4

You’ll be given your new sim card pack after you must have paid the compulsory sim card retrieval fee of 100 Naira Only.

I advise you to slot in the Sim card and recharge within 3 hours max to prevent you from losing full access to the Sim card again.

Congratulations!. After you must have followed the above steps successfully, you should be able to use your Glo phone number for normal day-to-day activities like making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages, browsing, and all other things your former SIM card could do without any limits.


1) Can I Do Glo SIM Welcome Back Online?

The answer to that question is NO. You can’t process Glo SIM replacement online rather you have to visit a physical Gloworld outlet near you. See the list of Gloworld outlets in Nigeria HERE.

2) How Much Does Glo Welcome Back Cost?

The Glo welcome back or SIM card replacement service costs 100 Naira Only.

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