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Full List Of All Private Universities In Nigeria

Private universities in Nigeria are now making waves in the Nigerian educational system and in fact, 2 notable private universities are on the updated list of the best universities in Nigeria now.

Many Nigerian students now prefer to private universities to their counterparts at federal and state levels because of the high quality of education they offer to their students.

private universities in Nigeria

All private universities in the country are regulated and accredited by the National Universities Commission and unless a private university in Nigeria is accredited by this commission, you shouldn’t study there.

Many Nigerian students have fallen victim of FAKE private universities in the country all because they were offered cheap admission in these institutions.

If you should choose to study at a university in Nigeria owned by a private enterprise or individual, you should beware of fake universities. And if you study in any of these FAKE private institutions, all the money and time you spent there would be in vain because these universities are illegal and not recognized by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria.

In order not to fall victim of FAKE and NONE ACCREDITED private universities in the country, we have decided to provide you with a list of all accredited private universities in Nigeria now.

If you would like to see a list of these universities, please continue reading.

Full List Of All Accredited Private Universities In Nigeria

Nigeria currently has 76 accredited and recognized federal universities in the country.

Below is a list of these universities and bear in mind that if your university or the university you intend to study in is not listed here, then it is an illegal university.

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