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How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Airtel

Airtel Nigeria offers some of the best data plans in Nigeria these days and this has gotten them a very high number of subscribers nationwide.

Seriously, nothing is more frustrating than having to auto-renew a data plan which you’re not satisfied with just because you can’t cancel the auto-renewal feature.

If you currently have the issue of auto-renewal on the Airtel network, this post has got you covered so read on.

Like most telecom companies in Nigeria, the problem of auto-renewal is also applicable to airtel and in this article, we will be showing you how to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel.

How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On Airtel Nigeria (Updated Guide)

Unlike other Nigerian mobile networks, Airtel asks you if you would like to enable the auto-renewal feature any time you buy/subscribe to a new data plan and for me, that’s awesome because you can choose not to enable the feature easily.

Let’s say you chose to enable it and you suddenly changed your mind and decided to cancel the feature, below are the sure ways to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel.

Cancel Airtel Auto-Renewal via SMS

Disabling the airtel auto-renewal feature is quite an easy thing to do which doesn’t require much effort.

To cancel auto-renewal on Airtel with SMS, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to your “Messages” or “SMS” application (all mobile devices come with this app)
  • Send “STOP” without quotes to 141
  • After completing the aforementioned step successfully, you’ll get a confirmation message/SMS showing that you’ve opted out of the Airtel auto-renewal service

Cancel Airtel Auto-Renewal via Twitter

This method of canceling auto-renewal on Airtel is one which most Airtel subscribers don’t even know about.

Presently, Airtel Nigeria has a dedicated twitter account for attending to its customers who might have some problems when using their service.

To opt-out of the Airtel auto-renewal service using this method, follow the step outlined below.

  • Log in to your Twitter account on the Twitter mobile app or website (you can create an account if you don’t currently have one)
  • Locate the search page and search for “airtel_care” (without quotes)
  • You should see the official Airtel customer care account with a verified badge (don’t deal with any account without a verified badge), open the handle and locate the send message icon/button
  • Send them a message stating your problem and make sure you include your phone number, and the data plan you want them to cancel on your airtel line
  • Relax and wait for a reply from them

Cancel Airtel Auto-Renewal via Airtel Customer Care

Another sure way to disable this feature is to contact Airtel customer care agents.

To contact these customer care agents, dial “111” on your airtel line, and ask them to disable the auto renewal for your current data plan.

If you have any questions regarding how to stop Airtel auto-renewal, drop them in the comment section below and we’ll try our best to give answers as soon as possible.

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