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Top 10 Richest Men In Benue State & Net Worth

Benue State, located in Nigeria, boasts a vibrant economy and is home to several individuals who have accumulated significant wealth over the years.

In this article, we will delve into the lives of the richest men in Benue State and explore their net worth. These individuals have made their mark in various fields, including business, politics, music, religion, and sports. Their wealth is a testament to their hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, and contributions to the development of the state.

Richest Men In Benue State

1.Terry Waya

Terry Waya is a prominent figure in Benue State known for his success in the business world. Born and raised in the state, Waya has established himself as a successful businessman through various ventures and investments. His areas of interest range from real estate to hospitality and telecommunications. Waya’s net worth is estimated to be $300 MILLION, primarily attributed to his diverse business portfolio and strategic investments.

2. David Mark

David Mark, a well-known political figure, has played a significant role in shaping Benue State’s political landscape. Having served as a senator and former Senate President of Nigeria, Mark has made substantial contributions to the state’s governance and development. His net worth $200 MILLION is a result of his political career, investments, and assets acquired over the years.

3. Innocent Idibia (2face)

Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2face, is a renowned musician hailing from Benue State. With a successful music career spanning decades, Idibia has garnered a massive fan base both in Nigeria and internationally. Through album sales, concerts, brand endorsements, and other business ventures, Idibia has accumulated significant wealth. His net worth $20 MILLION is a reflection of his musical accomplishments and entrepreneurial endeavors.

4. Dr. Paul Enenche

Dr. Paul Enenche is a prominent religious leader and the founder of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, a mega-church headquartered in Abuja. Despite being based in Abuja, his influence and ministry have extended to Benue State, impacting countless individuals. Dr. Enenche’s net worth is $12MILLION primarily stems from his ministry, book sales, speaking engagements, and other related ventures.

5. Athanasius Kyausu

Athanasius Kyausu is a notable business tycoon who has made his mark in various industries. With a diverse range of business interests, including agriculture, manufacturing, and telecommunications, Kyausu has played a significant role in Benue State’s economic growth. His net worth $5 MILLION is a result of his successful business ventures, investments, and entrepreneurial acumen.

6. Ogenyi Onazi

Ogenyi Onazi, a professional footballer, has brought pride to Benue State through his achievements on the international stage. As a talented midfielder, Onazi has represented Nigeria in major tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup. His net worth is $5 MILLION primarily derived from his football career, lucrative contracts with clubs, and endorsement deals.

7. Sen. George Akume

Sen. George Akume has had a notable political career, serving as a senator and holding various ministerial positions in the Nigerian government. Throughout his tenure, Akume has actively contributed to the development of Benue State through legislative efforts and policy implementation. His net worth $3 MILLION is a combination of his political career, investments, and assets accumulated over time.

8. Gabriel Suswam

Gabriel Suswam is a prominent political figure in Benue State, having served as the governor from 2007 to 2015. During his tenure, Suswam implemented various initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure, education, and healthcare in the state. His net worth $3 MILLION is a reflection of his political career, business interests, and investments.

9. Samuel Ortom

Samuel Ortom, the current governor of Benue State, has made significant contributions to the state’s development. With a background in business and politics, Ortom has implemented policies and programs focused on agriculture, education, security, and infrastructure. His net worth $3 MILLION is a culmination of his political career, business ventures, and assets acquired over time.

10. Michael Mku

Michael Mku is a prominent figure in Benue State known for his entrepreneurial success. With interests in various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics, Mku has contributed to the state’s economic growth and job creation. His net worth $2 MILLION is a result of his business ventures, investments, and strategic partnerships.


In conclusion, the richest men in Benue State have amassed significant wealth through their respective fields of expertise. Terry Waya’s diverse business portfolio, David Mark’s political career, Innocent Idibia’s music achievements, Dr. Paul Enenche’s religious influence, Athanasius Kyausu’s entrepreneurial ventures, Ogenyi Onazi’s football career, Sen. George Akume’s political contributions, Gabriel Suswam’s governance, Samuel Ortom’s leadership, and Michael Mku’s entrepreneurial success have all contributed to their considerable net worth.

These individuals have not only achieved personal success but have also made significant contributions to the economic and social development of Benue State. Through their investments, philanthropic activities, and job creation, they have played a vital role in improving the livelihoods of the people in the state.

It is important to note that net worth estimates can vary and are subject to change due to various factors such as market fluctuations, investments, and asset valuations. Nevertheless, the individuals mentioned in this article have made a lasting impact in Benue State, leaving a legacy of success and inspiring future generations to strive for excellence.

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