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Top 10 Best Nigerian Discussion Forums

nigerian discussion forums
Nigerian Discussion Forums

The internet community in Nigeria is currently on the increase and most of these internet users are always looking for answers to their questions, hence the need for Nigerian discussion forums.

Are you like one of these internet users and you’re currently searching for some Nigerian discussion forums to share or answer some questions or generally have fun? Then this post is for you as it will be about the best online forums in Nigeria.

Before starting this post, I’ll like to explain what online forums actually mean and how they can help you.

What’s An Online Forum?

An online forum is simply a multi-author website where anyone can share what he/she thinks about a topic.

These online forums are supervised by some Moderators A.K.A MODS. Their major duty is to ensure that the forums are clean from spam and negative comments at all times.

Major benefits you can get from an online web forum(Nigerian forums in this case) are:

  • Real-time news update(unless it’s a niche-focused forum).
  • Job opportunities
  • Make Money – By sharing links to your blog (if you own one), affiliate links, consulting e.t.c
  • Admission guide/assistance

The list of stuff that you can benefit from different Nigerian online forums is just endless. While some Nigerian internet users leverage these opportunities, others just sit with their devices and keep wasting precious time and mobile data.

Best Nigerian Discussion Forums Right Now

Most discussion forums in Nigeria are very popular, while some are still growing. Below we share our list of the best Nigerian discussion forums on the internet.

This list was compiled carefully using some major factors for ranking websites and not just the traffic rank alone. Some of these factors include daily traffic, user engagement, the overall quality of the forum, the number of active users daily, and lots more.

Here is the list of the best internet forums in Nigeria and their purposes.

1. Nairaland Forums

Who compiles a list like this without the almighty Nairaland? HELL, NO ONE.

Nairaland is arguably the best internet forum in Nigeria and the most visited forum in the whole of Africa.

With over 2 million+ registered users and 4 million+ topics, Nairaland is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.

Nairaland was founded by a Yoruba man named Seun Osewa in the year 2005. His main motive at that time was to bring Nigerians together for discussions and also give them the opportunity to meet each other.

This forum covers all topics relating to Nigerians and outstanding topics are featured on its homepage. If you haven’t heard of Nairaland visit the website at –

2. Nigeria Message Board

Nigeria message board is a forum that was created in 2014 with the major aim of connecting Nigerians together online.

This forum also features many topics related to Nigerians just like Nairaland. It is a free forum where you can also get answers to questions and ask people too.

3. GistMaina

This is a very active Nigerian forum that majorly focuses on topics about entertainment, news, and gist in Nigeria. So if you’re a gist kinda person, you’ll definitely love it.

Gistmania is actively updated with new entertainment gist daily. It’s also linked with NaijaPals – another Nigerian discussion forum.

4. NaijaPals

This is a niche-focused forum in Nigeria. It’s a very active forum that focuses mainly on Nigerian music, films, and news.

As a member of NaijaPals, you’ll also get to watch and download various movies and songs for free. This forum is one of the most interesting forums in Nigeria and could be worth your time.

5. Jackobian Forum

Although not constantly updated these days, Jackobian forum mostly focuses on technology and cryptocurrencies.

This Nigerian discussion forum has a large number of young people who may be students or online entrepreneurs(hustlers) because of various tips which they share.

It’s also a cool forum and features some of the latest news in Nigeria daily.

6. EarlyFace Forum

The EarlyFace forum is a place where users can discuss freely any topic(s) relating to Nigeria and Nigerians. These topics include sports, tutorials, news updates, education, relationships, and games.

It’s also a good Nigerian discussion forum because of the many vast features which it possesses.

7. 6Ters Forum

This is another Nigerian online forum I love due to the fresh content and overall design of the website. It also has a good number of sections anyone can access not minding if you’re a guest or a logged-in user.

6Ters was created in the year 2015 and is currently living up to its expectations of connecting Nigerians online.

8. Nigeria’s Creative Talents (NCT) Forum

As the name says, NCT is an online forum that connects Nigerians with creative talents online. Most authors on NCT focus more on technology and gadget reviews, hence leading to an increased number of posts in that category on the forum.

With over 8K+ members and 55K+ posts, NCT is surely one of the best Nigerian discussion forums you can find online.

9. Nigerian Best Forum (NBF)

This forum focuses mostly on young people who may be looking for job opportunities and/or admission opportunities.

NBF also has a large number of active sections which include education, career, business, health, arts e.t.c. This is a very good forum and a must-visit for youngsters or admission seekers in Nigeria.

10. EveryoneKnows

This is not necessarily a forum, it can be best described as a Question and Answer(Q/A) website where users can ask various questions and instantly get replies from other registered members on the website.

It has an interface that is very similar to Quora (a global Q/A site too) and is currently one of the best Q/A websites we’ve seen in Nigeria.

It’s an interesting website to visit in your spare time because of the many quality replies that are left on the platform daily.

Notable Mentions

All forums in Nigeria cannot be on this list. However, some have proven to show contents that are of high quality and cannot be overlooked by me, hence ill include them here.

Some of these forums are listed below:

  1. AskNaij – A Q/A forum by – now
  2. BestNaija – Social network and forum in Nigeria.
  3. NGStudent – A very popular Nigerian discussion forum for students.

These are the best online forums in Nigeria right now. Do you know some other discussion forums in Nigeria worth including in this article? Please let us know via the comment section below.

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