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remita customer care

Sometimes when using Remita to pay bills and other services, most users encounter problems and these problems can be easily fixed when you contact a customer care agent at Remita. This post contains the contacts of Remita customer care agents like Remita helpline, livechat, emails and more.

Remita is a payment platform which makes it easier for businesses in Africa to receive payments from their users through any of the many payment channels provided by Remita.

These various payment channels provided by this company include the Remita Mobile App and/or Website, Internet Banking, Point of Sales (PoS) Terminals, Debit/Credit Cards, Merchant’s Website, Bank Branches, Mobile Wallets and Standing Order/Direct Debit.

Like all payment processing companies and banks in Nigeria, Remita also has an efficient customer care system which you can use to contact their customer care agents in Nigeria and Africa as a continent.

Various contact options provided by the customer care department at Remita includes Remita helpline, email address(es), live chat and a contact page on their website.

These contact details that will be provided in this post can be used to solve all Remita problems you might encounter while using their platform.

Remita Customer Care Details

Below are the Remita customer care contacts details and head office address in Nigeria.

Remita Support Portal

Remita also provides a portal for customers, merchants and developers which you can use to learn more about the platform or get a fix to some of the problems you might encounter while using any of their payment channels.

This support portal also has a handful of resources which both old and new customers can learn from. You can visit the page by visiting this link –

On the support portal, you can also send you issues directly to the support team by clicking on the “Submit a Ticket” button or clicking this link.

Remita Email Address

Emails are one of the best ways to contact the customer care department of any organization in Nigeria. To contact remita with the email address option, send a mail stating all the issues you have with their payment platform to [email protected].

Remita Helpline(Phone Numbers)

The remita helpline option is always available anytime you need them. The phone number option still remains the best way to contact the customer care agents at any organization like this one.

You can either send a message to any of these phone numbers on WhatsApp or place a call to them and explain what your problem is.

Below are the official phone numbers to contact Remita.

  • +234 16367000
  • +234(0) 7007877678
  •  +234 12805182
  • +234(0) 80355550512

Remita Head Office Address

The head office of SystemSpecs LTD which is the parent company to Remita is at 4th-8th Floor, 136 Lewis Street, Lagos state, Nigeria.


  1. pls i have a problem with my gmail account coz is unable to show me my payment reciept.. can u help me with that

  2. Good afternoon. I am ATOYEBI Adeola Olusegun. On April 24, 2019. I paid my acceptance fees to Obafemi Awolowo university. At the first instance, it was not successful Was The final comments and l tried the payment second time and it was successful, when l checked my balance, the money was deducted two times, and one dropped in the school account.

    My bank name UBA with account no 2092643888. Please help me to refund the money back to my account

  3. Good afternoon, I am Adeyemi Adeniyi. On May 8, 2019. i paid school fee to Federal Polytechnic Bida Niger State with the some of (#50,299.28). at the first instance , it was pending and and i try the second time with the same RRR which is 170299245850 and it was successful, when i checked my account balance, the money was deducted two times, and with thesame RRR for the same person and i lay compliance in the bank and was in proses till today 14/June/ 2019. my money is not yet refund please help.
    the bank is first bank Bida branch Niger State.

  4. Good day. I took a pay day loan from your facility in 2018 and the deductions were made between February and may 2019. Surprisingly, another deduction was made on the same account in July 2019 , the amount over deducted was #17,237.17. please kindly check and refund over deducted amount sir.

  5. Comment: I post 10,200 to JAMB Account since January 8th 2019 till now it is still showing in my email Transaction pending


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