Ecobank Customer Care & Contact Details

Ecobank customer care

Contacting the Ecobank customer care agents is the best way to report any problem you’re facing with their banking platforms. This post will provide the necessary information you’ll be needing if you want to contact their customer care agents.

Since the advent of technology in the Nigerian banking industry, you no longer have to stand in very long queues just to withdraw cash, send cash, or even lay complaints to the customer care agents at the bank.

These days, these banking tasks have been made easier for bank customers like you and me. You can do almost all your banking transactions from the comfort of your home on your internet-enabled smartphone or PC.

The Ecobank care customer care agents are very easy to reach and also very quick to respond to your query. You can reach them with various platforms like phone calls, emails, live chat, and social media networks.

These customer care platforms can also be used at any time of the day if you ever encounter any challenges when performing normal day to day banking activities either at the banking hall or on your smartphone.

Ecobank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria and one will normally expect their customer care service to be top-notch and their customer care agents are living up to this expectation by its customers and various other bank users in the country.

What Can The Ecobank Customer Care Agents Do For You?

Below are some of the normal day-to-day problems which we encounter while performing transactions with Ecobank platforms and can be fixed by the customer care agents.

  • Getting Information about various Ecobank products and services.
  • Ecobank account balance inquiry
  • Reporting various ATM card transaction issues
  • Request for the immediate blocking of an ATM card in case it got lost or stolen
  • Resetting the password of your bank account
  • Request for the re-issue of your ATM card pin
  • Request for the re-activation of your dormant account(if any)
  • Request for a checkbook from an Ecobank branch near you
  • Request for statement of your Ecobank account
  • Lay complains about any banking services offered by Ecobank
  • Daily calls to POS merchants to check on machine status and reasons for low usage (issues escalated to E-Banking for follow-up).

Important Notice: No Customer Care agent working for EcoBank will/should ask you for your highly sensitive personal data like ATM Card PIN, CCV number, ATM Card Number, BVN number or Mobile Banking App password/PIN.

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Do not give these details to anybody if asked as it is completely unnecessary. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS AND FOLLOW ONLY CONTACT DETAILS GIVEN IN THIS POST.

Ecobank Customer Care Agents Details(Phone Number, Emails & More)

Below are the best ways to contact customer care agents for Ecobank in Nigeria. This includes Ecobank customer care toll-free Nigeria, Ecobank WhatsApp number, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Ecobank Customer Care Phone Number(s)

Below are the phone numbers which can be used to reach the customer care agents at Ecobank. You can either place a call to them or send a message on WhatsApp.

  • +234(0) 7005000000
  • +234(0) 8003262265
  • +234(0) 8087603717 (Best for WhatsApp)

Other Ways To Contact EcoBank Customer Care Agents

While phone calls are the best ways to contact the customer care agents of any organization because of swifter response, Ecobank still offers more ways to contact their customer care agents if you currently don’t have enough money for long talks on the phone.

Some other ways you can use to contact these customer care agents are with their email address(es), live chat option, social media handles, and physical addresses near you.

Below are some other ways to contact these agents.

  • Email[email protected].
  • FaceBook@EcoBankGroup
  • Twitter@GroupEcoBank
  • LiveChatEcobank Live Chat Link. This is the fastest option I recommend when contacting them. Remember, do not share any sensitive bank details with any of these agents.
  • Head Office Address – Plot 21, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. You can also visit any bank branch near you.
  • Official
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These contact details of Ecobank customer care agents are very useful for those who save money and perform day to day banking transactions with Ecobank. It is very important because these are the only people who can help you correct any transaction issues you might be facing.

We recommend you save the phone/WhatsApp numbers as this is the fastest way of reaching these agents in time of need.

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  1. The funniest thing about some of this bank customer care is that they have less agent compared to a large customer based. frustrating at times.

    • Well, banks are improving these days and their customer care depts are often one of the most important departments so they tend to employ more qualified staffs there.

      Overall, they are improving but they still need to do more… Lol

      Thanks for stopping by though. Hope to see you some other time ????


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