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Full List Of Cults In Nigeria, History, Colors & Symbols

Searching for the Full List Of Cults In Nigeria:

Cultism is a major menace in Nigeria that no University, Polytechnic, College of Education and other higher institutions in the country have been able to eradicate completely.

A cult is basically a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal.

Deadliest Cults In Nigeria

In Nigeria however (especially in our higher institutions), cultism has been turned into another thing entirely. Members of different cult groups in Nigeria are extremely dangerous and these guys and girls are always ready to kill their fellow rival cultists at any time without any sign of remorse after doing that.

The first set of these cult groups were formed in the 1950s by popular Nigerian noble price winner – Wole Soyinka and some of his friends (about six in number) with the goal of differentiating themselves from the conventional establishment and also to support social justice and human rights in Nigeria.

The positive motives of early cultist in the country have now been turned the other way round by modern-day cultists. Cultism is now a menace that has taken over some young Nigerian students and this has really destroyed the future of these students.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at a list of cults in Nigeria, their history and a little information on their symbols, colors and how you can easily identify members of these various cult groups in Nigerian universities, polytechnics, higher institutions and any place at all.

List Of Cults In Nigeria & Their Symbols/Colors

1) Pyrate Confraternity

  • ColorYellow + Red + Black

The Pyrate Confraternity was the first cult group or secret cult in Nigeria and it was formed by popular Nigerian Nobel Laurette, Wole Soyinka and six other students of the Obafemi Awolowo University in 1952.

At that time, Obafemi Awolowo University was filled with wealthy students backed by colonial powers who were oppressing their fellow students from poorer or average backgrounds and these guys who were known as “The Magnificent Seven” as at that time created the group to tackle these problems.

The intentions of the founders of this group were completely genuine and for the benefit of the less privileged ones in the university. The group was later dissolved after some of its members were expelled by the university authorities.

2) Buccaneers Confraternity

  • ColorWhite + Black + Yellow

It is believed that the expelled students led by Bolaji Carew & Kule Adigun went ahead to form their own confraternity called “The National Association of SeaLords” which is also known as “Buccaneers“.

The original creators of this cult group could not meet up to the high academic and intellectual standards set by the Seadogs, so the Buccaneers Confraternity was basically a hive for students who could not also meet up with these high standards.

Some beliefs and sayings of members of this cult group include No Price No Pay, No brothers in the wood, No laughing on board, Blood for blood, Let the devil that lead you guide you and so on. They’re are one of the deadliest cult groups in Nigeria and also one of the largest with presence in most Nigerian universities right now.

3) Black Axe Confraternity

  • ColorYellow

The Neo-Black Movement of Africa (NBM) also Black Axe Confeternnity originated from the University of Benin. This cult group was created by some students of the University of Benin (popularly known as UNIBEN) in 1976 with the sole motive of fighting against the oppression against students at the university as at that time.

Some popular sayings of members of the Black Axe Confraternity include The Blackman will be freed with an axe, Don’t betray your brother in the hood, Obey before complain or Abeyance, No f*ck ups, Forgiveness is a sin, He who price must pay and many more.

Members of this cult group are often referred to as “Axe Men“, “Aye(s)” or “Amigos“.

4) The Supreme Eiye Confraternity

  • ColorBlue

The Supreme Eiye Confraternity which is also known as the National Association of Air Lords is a popular cult group in Nigeria that was formed/founded by some students of the University of Ibadan (UI) in 1963.

This is one of the oldest cult groups you can find in Nigerian universities till date and it is also affiliated with the popular Eiye Secret Society, which exists in major parts of the South Western parts of Nigeria.

The Eiye Confraternity was formed by Goke Adeniji, Dele Nwakpele, Bayo Adenubi, Bode Fadase, Tunde Aluko, Kayode Oke, and Bode Sowunmi amongst others and they were students studying at the University of Ibadan as at that time.

Although the founding members of this cult group had good intentions like making a positive impact on the social-political mind and impacting on the physical and mental development of its members when they started out, the group as now turned out to be one of the deadliest cult groups on the campuses of various Nigerian Universities.

Some slangs and beliefs of members of this cult group include Secrecy, Autocracy, Discipline, Brotherhood, No Friend No Foe and many more. They also refer to themselves as “Fliers“, “Airforce“, “Airlords“, e.t.c

5) Supreme Vikings

  • ColorBlack + Red

The Supreme Vikings Confraternity which is also known as the National Association of Adventurers or De Norsemen Club of Nigeria is a cult group which was founded by some students of the Universities of Port-Harcourt in the year 1982.

The founders of this confraternity which was referred to as de Norsemen Club of Nigeria as at that time were said to be former members of the Buccaneers at the University of Port-Harcourt. The 3 founding members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity were codenamed “Rising Angel“, “Eric De Red” and “Troppence“.

Some popular slangs and beliefs of members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity include Blood on the high sea, Singing songs of Hojas, Never to hang a leg even in the face of death and many more. They also refer to themselves as “Aro-mates“, “Adventurers“, “Vultures“, e.t.c

6) Mafia Confraternity

  • ColorPurple

The Mafia Confraternity which is also known as the Family Fraternity and Ciaos Sons is another popular cult group in Nigeria which was founded in 1978 by some students at the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN).

The founding members of this cult group were 8 in number and while the cult group started at the University of Ilorin, they later expanded their reach to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife precisely 2 years later.

Mafia Confraternity is one of the most dangerous cult groups you can find in Nigerian Universities and the country at large. Their main principles are based on mafia connections as the cult group has its origins traced back to the Italian and American mafia.

They refer to their members as “Maf” or “Mafians” while they refer to non-members of their cult as bastards. Members of this cult group believe in secrets, revenge, gambling, partying, dating girls and many others.

7) Black Bra Confraternity

  • ColorBlack

As the name implies, the Black Bra Confraternity is a female-only cult group in Nigeria. This cult group just like other cult groups in Nigerian Universities follow the main principles of cultism which are mainly secrets, revenge, brotherhood and many other principles.

Members of this cult group are always clothed in black down to their underwears and the Black Bra Confraternity is widely regarded as the deadliest female cult group in the country.

8) Daughters of Jezebel

The Daughters of Jezebel confraternity is the second most popular female cult group in Nigeria and just like the Black Bra Confraternity, members of this cult group and the deadliest females you can find on the campuses of various Nigerian Universities.


  • Klansmen Konfratanity
  • Dedy Na debt
  • Brotherhood of the Blood (Two-Two or Black Beret)
  • Eternal Fraternal Order Of Legion Consortium
  • Victor Charlie Boys
  • Thu-Thu
  • Red Sea
  • Mgbamgba Brothers
  • Canary
  • Green Berets
  • The Blood Spot
  • Scorpion
  • Black Cat
  • The Fame
  • Snow Men
  • Fraternity of Friends
  • Black Cobra of Ife
  • Kegite Club

Other Female Cults In Nigeria

  • Woman Brassier
  • Pink Lady
  • Amazons
  • White Angels
  • Lady of Rose
  • Sisterhood of Darkness
  • Golden Daughters
  • The Ten wonderful Girls
  • White Ladies
  • The Royal Queens
  • Daughters of the Knight
  • The Knights of the Aristos
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