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Top 10 Richest Men In Lagos State & Net Worth

Lagos State, located in Nigeria, is known as the economic hub of the country. With a vibrant business landscape and a bustling population, Lagos has become great for entrepreneurship and wealth creation. In this article, we will explore the lives and achievements of the richest men in Lagos State, who have made significant contributions to the region’s economy.

Richest Men In Lagos State & Net Worth

These individuals have not only gather substantial wealth but have also played a potential role in shaping the business landscape and driving economic growth in Lagos.

Richest Men In Lagos State

  • Aliko Dangote
  • Mike Adenuga
  • Bola Tinubu
  • Femi Otedola
  • Folorunso Alakija
  • Adewale Tinubu
  • Segun Agbaje
  • Remi Tinubu
  • Jimi Agbaje
  • Musiliu Obanikoro

1.Aliko Dangote


Aliko Dangote is a name synonymous with wealth and success in Nigeria and beyond. Born in Kano State, Dangote built his business empire, Dangote Group, which spans various industries including cement, sugar, and flour. His entrepreneurial prowess and strategic investments have catapulted him to become one of the wealthiest individuals in Africa.

According to Forbes, as of the latest available data, Dangote’s net worth is estimated at roughly $10 billion, making him the richest man in Lagos State and the entire continent.

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2. Mike Adenuga


Mike Adenuga is another titan of industry in Lagos. He is the founder of Globacom, a telecommunications company that has grown to become one of the largest telecom operators in Nigeria. Adenuga’s business interests also extend to oil exploration and real estate. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and strategic investments, Adenuga has accumulated substantial wealth.

According to Forbes, his net worth is estimated to be around $7 billion, solidifying his position as one of the wealthiest individuals in Lagos.

3. Bola Tinubu


Bola Tinubu, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, has also made his mark in the business world. Tinubu is the founder of The Tinubu Group, a conglomerate with interests in real estate, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Additionally, he has held influential political positions, including serving as the Governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007 and currently the president and commander in chief of armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria. Tinubu’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $4 billion, cementing his status as one of the richest men in Lagos State.

4. Femi Otedola


Femi Otedola, a renowned Nigerian businessman and philanthropist, has made significant contributions to the business landscape in Lagos. He is the founder of Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd, a leading oil marketing and distribution company. Otedola has also diversified his investments, venturing into power generation and shipping. With his astute business acumen, Otedola has accumulated a net worth estimated to be over $1 billion, earning him a spot among Lagos’ wealthiest individuals.

5. Folorunso Alakija


Folorunso Alakija, a self-made billionaire and businesswoman, is known for her accomplishments in the oil and fashion industries. Alakija is the founder of Famfa Oil Limited, an oil exploration company that has played a significant role in Nigeria’s oil sector. She is also a fashion enthusiast and the founder of the Rose of Sharon Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on empowering widows and orphans. Alakija’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 billion, highlighting her remarkable success as one of the wealthiest women in Lagos.

6. Adewale Tinubu


Adewale Tinubu, not to be confused with Bola Tinubu, is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Oando PLC, a leading integrated energy solutions provider in Nigeria. Tinubu’s leadership has been instrumental in the company’s growth and expansion into various sectors of the energy industry. His strategic vision and entrepreneurial drive have contributed to his estimated net worth of over $500 million, solidifying his place among Lagos’ affluent individuals.

7. Segun Agbaje


Segun Agbaje is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions. Under Agbaje’s leadership, GTBank has experienced remarkable growth and has become renowned for its innovative banking solutions. Agbaje’s contributions to the banking industry have been widely recognized, and his net worth is estimated to be over $100 million, placing him among the wealthy individuals in Lagos.

8. Remi Tinubu


Remi Tinubu, the wife of Bola Tinubu, has also made her mark in Lagos’ business and political spheres. She is a successful businesswoman, lawyer, and politician. Tinubu has held various political positions, including serving as a member of the Nigerian Senate. While her net worth is $10 MILLION, she is considered to be among the affluent individuals in Lagos due to her family’s extensive business and political influence. Read also Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria

9. Jimi Agbaje


Jimi Agbaje, a renowned pharmacist and businessman, has made significant contributions to Lagos’ business landscape. He is the founder of Jaykay Pharmacy, one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in Nigeria. Agbaje has also been actively involved in politics, contesting for the position of Governor of Lagos State in multiple elections. While his net worth is $10 MILLION, his business success and political involvement position him as one of the influential individuals in Lagos.

10. Musiliu Obanikoro


Musiliu Obanikoro, a businessman and politician, has played a prominent role in Lagos’ political landscape. He has held various political positions, including serving as a Nigerian Senator and Minister of State for Defence. Obanikoro’s net worth is estimated to be over $75 million, earned through his business ventures and political career.


The richest men in Lagos State have not only accumulated vast wealth but have also made substantial contributions to the region’s economy and development. From industries ranging from manufacturing to telecommunications and oil exploration, these individuals have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial skills and business acumen. Their net worths, which collectively amount to billions of dollars, highlight their immense success and influence in shaping the business landscape of Lagos. As pillars of the economy, they continue to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth and prosperity of Lagos State.

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