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NOUN School Fees Schedule

The National Open University of Nigeria is an Open Distance Learning Institution in Nigeria that was established in July 1983 by the then Alhaji Shehu Shagari-led administration.

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In 1984, the university was suspended by the military government which succeeded Alhaji Shehu Shagari.

However, its resuscitation was begun on 12 April 2001 by the then President of Nigeria, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo and it became a fully functioning university in the year 2002.

If you’re interested in enrolling in any of the available programs at the National Open University be it undergraduate or postgraduate, you might be asking questions like – how much do NOUN students pay? What is the NOUN school fees schedule for the current session? What are the banks where I can pay NOUN school fees?

Well if you’re searching for answers to questions of these sorts, then you’re not alone as many other prospective NOUN students are also looking for the same information.

In this article, you will find the updated NOUN school fees schedule right now. This includes the fees paid by both new and returning students at undergraduate and postgraduate (Master’s and Ph.D.) levels.

This post also covers all you need to know about NOUN school fees including the recent upward review of school fees by the university council alongside the various banks where you can pay NOUN school fees if you’re seeking admission or currently studying there.

NOUN School Fees Schedule For Undergraduates (New Update)

Below is the verified NOUN school fees schedule for undergraduates as announced by the Vice Chancellor of the university. These fees are gotten directly from the resource center at the official website of the National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN).

NOUN School Fees For New Students (Undergraduate)

S/NFees and ChargesApproved Sum (₦‎)
1)Semester Registration Fee7,500
2)Caution Deposit5,000
3)Orientation Fee3,000
4)Matriculation Fee3,500
5)I.D Card1,000
6)Library Fee4,000
7)ICT Administration Charge7,500
9)JAMB Regularization7,500
10)Result Verification10,000
Course Registration
11)2 Credit Units Course2,000
12)3 Credit Units Course2,500
13)4 Credit Units Course (Law Students)3,000
Examination Registration
14)Undergraduate Students (per course)1,500
Second Semester Registration
15)Semester Registration Fee7,500
16)Library Fee4,000
17)ICT Administration Charge7,500
Course Registration
19)2 Credit Units Course2,000
20)3 Credit Units Course2,500
21)4 Credit Units Course (Law Students)3,000
Examination Registration
22)Undergraduate Students (per course)1,500

NOUN School Fees For Returning Students (Undergraduate)

S/NFees and ChargesApproved Sum (₦)
1)Semester Registration Fee6,000
2)Library Fee3,000
4)ICT Administration Charge5,000
Course Registration
5)2 Credit Units Course2,000
6)3 Credit Units Course2,500
7)4 Credit Units Course (Law Students)3,000
Examination Registration
8)Undergraduate Students (per course)1,500

NOUN School Fees Schedule For Postgraduates

Below is the NOUN school fees schedule for Postgraduates (new and returning students) as verified by the university’s official website.

S/NFees and ChargesApproved Sum (₦‎)
1)Semester Registration Fee10,000
2)Caution Deposit7,000
3)Orientation Fee5,000
4)Matriculation Fee3,000
5)I.D Card1,000
6)Library Fee5,000
7)ICT Administration Charge7,500
9)Result Verification10,000
10)Student Transcript Verification5,000
Semester Registration for Returning Students
11)Semester Registration Fee10,000
12)Library Fee5,000
13)ICT Administration Charge7,500
Course Registration
15)2 Credit Units Course4,000
16)3 Credit Units Course5,000
Examination Registration
17)Per Course3,000

NOUN Ph.D. School Fees

S/NFees and ChargesApproved Sum (₦‎)
1)Semester Registration Fee50,000
2)Caution Deposit30,000
3)Orientation Fee10,000
4)Matriculation Fee10,000
5)I.D Card2,500
6)Library Fee10,000
7)ICT Administration Charge15,000
10)Result Verification10,000
10)Laboratory Fee30,000

Other Fees

NOUN Teaching Practice & SIWES FEES

S/NFees and ChargesApproved Sum (₦‎)
1)Teaching Practice and SIWES Fees for Undergraduates in relevant faculties12,000
2)Teaching Practice for PDGE students in the Faculty of Education15,000
3)Practicum for M.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning students and Guidance and Counselling15,000

Practicum/Clinical Attachment Fees (Faculty of Health Sciences)

S/NFees and ChargesApproved Sum (₦‎)
1)Practicum/Clinical Attachment – Undergraduate15,000
2)All Practical Courses in the Faculty of Science – Undergraduate5,000
3)Practicum/Clinical Attachment – Postgraduate20,000

NOUN Research Seminar and Project Registration Fees

S/NFees and ChargesApproved Sum (₦‎)
1)Undergraduate Programmes25,000
2)Seminar Course/Undergraduate5,000
3)Postgraduate Diploma Programmes40,000
4)Seminar Course/Postgraduate Diploma10,000
5)Master Degree Programmes50,000
6)Seminar Course/Masters10,000

NOUN Exam Fees

  • Undergraduates – N1,000.00 per course
  • Postgraduates (PGD and Masters) – N2,000.00 per course

How To Pay NOUN School Fees?

If you’re a new student at the National Open University, you might not yet understand how to pay your school fees but it is actually a very easy process many thanks to the technology team at the university.

To pay your NOUN school fees, you first have to visit the NOUN official website and login into your account, after that simply generate your Remita Retrieval Reference Code and proceed to the bank with the code or complete the payment online using your debit card information or any of the available payment methods.

Below is a step-by-step guide showing how you can pay your NOUN school fees easily.

  1. Visit the official NOUN website using this link [].
  2. When the portal is done loading, click on Student Login and log into your student account using your Matriculation Number and Password.
  3. On the StudyWare student information dashboard, Click on e-Wallet.
  4. On the dropdown menu, select Generate Remita Number.
  5. Fill out all the required fields on the wallet funding form. These fields include your Name, Email address, Phone Number, and Amount to be paid.
  6. Next, click Pay to generate your NOUN Remita Retrieval Reference Code on the NOUN portal.
  7. Proceed to the bank with your RRR to pay the generated school fees invoice.
  8. If you want to pay online, simply copy the generated RRR then go to the Remita website []
  9. On the Remita website, select Bills & Purchases then choose Pay RRR Invoice.
  10. Next, paste the RRR code you copied earlier and click CONTINUE.
  11. Enter your card details and confirm the transaction by inputting the OTP sent to the phone number connected to your bank account.

List of Banks To Pay NOUN School Fees

You can pay your NOUN school fees at most Nigerian banks as they all process Remita payments. To pay your NOUN school fees at the bank, you first need to log in to the NOUN portal and generate your RRR number as explained above.

Once you have the RRR code, proceed to the bank and provide the RRR code alongside the amount you want to pay and they should be able to process the payment for you.

Below are some banks where you can pay NOUN school fees easily.

  • First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
  • Zenith Bank
  • Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)
  • United Bank For Africa (UBA)
  • Access Bank
  • WEMA Bank
  • Any bank that processes Remita payments.

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