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Top 10 Worst Courses To Study In Nigeria

worst courses to study in nigeria
Worst Courses To Study In The University

Pursuing a good course at the university is not a guarantee for instant employment or a good life, but it’s better to be on the right side by studying courses with more career prospects as some courses aren’t just marketable in Nigeria.

The courses to be mentioned in this post are some of the worst courses to study in Nigeria but this doesn’t mean that individuals who study any of these courses will never be employed in the country. It only means that the employment rate of students who study any of these courses is extremely low.

That said, many of these courses will be extremely valued in other countries of the world, but in Nigeria, it is a different ball game entirely and a NO for many employers.

After our research on the Nigerian tertiary education system and a few visits to various employers in the country, this is an updated and comprehensive list of the worst courses to study in the country right now.

Top 10 Worst Courses To Study In Nigeria (Updated)

Below is an updated list of some of the worst courses any student can study in Nigeria and we’ve many factors into consideration when compiling it.

Home Economics

If you’re currently studying this course or planning to study it, forgive me for saying this but it’s a waste of time and resources.

Home economics is a course that deals with the relationship between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live.

The last place I’ve seen a graduate of home economics work was in my junior secondary school as the home economics teacher.

Although this is an easy course to get when applying for admission into any university of your choice in Nigeria, it’s not worth spending 4-5years (excluding the duration of ASUU strikes) to study Home Economics in any university.


This is one course we never advise any student in Nigeria to pursue. For those who don’t know, Horticulture is the study of the cultivation, processing, and sale of fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and flowers.

Horticulture is a good course (no doubt) with a high employment rate in other developed countries of the world where the skills of people who study it are valued but don’t try to study the course in Nigeria if you’re going to be searching for a job after schooling.

That said, you can still start up a private flower sale business and make money without having to deal with the hassles of being under an employer, but there’s no difference between you and other flower sellers even after spending 4 – 5 years in a university.

Horticulture is one of the worst courses to study in Nigeria right now.

General Arts

This is a course that covers most art branches like visual art, sculpture, paintings e.t.c. Most students who study this course find it hard to take a career path in life due to the complexity of general arts.

With the present condition of the economy in Nigeria and the economic challenges ravaging the country, most people find it hard to purchase artwork with their hard-earned money. They rather spend it on food and other important causes than artworks or a trip to the gallery.

This doesn’t mean it’s a bad course but make up your mind to be self-employed before spending years in the university studying general arts. It’s definitely not worth it for many especially those who will be seeking a 9 – 5 job in the country.

Social Studies

Most students who study social studies at the university almost always end up regretting it because they always end up in the classrooms of junior secondary school students or having no job at all.

With the new requirements by the Nigerian government for aspiring teachers to have a degree in an education course (B.Ed), social studies graduates are certainly not employable in Nigeria.

Physical Education

This is a good course for those who want to major in the education sector but it’s still one of the worst courses you can study in Nigeria.

Most graduates who studied this course usually head back to school to study a course in medicine and surgery later in life because there are very few jobs out there for graduates of Physical Education.

Why waste 4 years studying a course like Physical Education when you can just do any of the courses (e.g Medical Radiography) that are related to medicine and surgery in Nigeria? The choice is yours to make.


Almost no company in Nigeria employs Anthropologists because the demand for the skill is almost zero.

Anthropology students study humans and human behavior and societies in the present and past. The services of these graduates are almost no longer needed as Nigerians have other things to worry about.


The skills of Sociologists in Nigeria are almost not needed in modern-day Nigeria. Most sociologists suffer in school reading very large books but end up rejected by employers because their skills are irrelevant.

If you don’t have the “necessary connection(s)” to get a job in Nigeria not regarding the course you studied, please don’t go for this course.


As one of the least competitive courses in Nigeria, it’s certain that no student wants to study religious courses (C.R.K or I.R.K) again in Nigeria.

With the way Churches and Mosques are popping up in every nook and cranny within many states in Nigeria, especially in the Southern parts of the country, no one cares about what you studied in school for you to be a Pastor or Imam.

People believe in others who can quote and explain the teachings of God/Allah regardless of what they studied in school. That is just how it works in the country.

Nevertheless, as a graduate of any of these religious courses, you can work in established religious firms like the Anglican church, Roman Catholic church, and some mosques in Nigeria as a Sunday school teacher, Chaplain, Instructor, Imam e.t.c.

Overall religious courses are not the best to spend your university days on.

Crop Science

Crop science is also one of those courses which are not marketable in Nigeria. It involves the study of various crops and diseases that can affect them negatively.

Graduates who studied crop science without plans to start up their own businesses have very slim chances of getting employed in modern-day Nigeria.

Overall, Crop science is OK for people who have good plans for the future and not waiting for various employers of labor in Nigeria.

Animal Science

This course is simply defined as the study of the production and management of farm animals. In Nigeria, they have lesser employment than their counterparts in the Agricultural scene.

Better alternatives for animal science are Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Engineering.


In this article, we have covered some of the worst courses a university student can study in the country. Home Economics tops our list while Horticulture, General Arts, and Social Studies occupy the second, third and fourth positions respectively.

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