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Aisha Buhari Biography & Secrets of Nigeria’s First Lady

Aisha Buhari was born on February 17, 1971, in Adamawa State, Nigeria. She married Muhammadu Buhari, who later became the President of Nigeria, in 1989. Aisha has a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Ahmadu Bello University and a master’s degree in International Affairs and Strategic Studies from the Nigerian Defense Academy. 

Aisha Buhari Biography & Secrets of Nigeria’s First Lady

During her time as First Lady, she focused on various initiatives, including the “Future Assured” program, which aimed to improve the well-being of women and children in Nigeria. She was involved in advocacy for women’s rights and health issues, and she also spoke out on various social and political matters.

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Educational Qualifications

Aisha Buhari earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Ahmadu Bello University. She also obtained a master’s degree in International Affairs and Strategic Studies from the Nigerian Defense Academy. She also went to study Physiotherapy and beauty therapy at the famous Carlton Institute of London and the Academy Esthetique Beauty Institute of France in Dubai, where she earned post graduate diploma in cosmetology and beauty theraphy. 

Businesses of Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari, as the First Lady of Nigeria, was involved in public service and charitable activities rather than running specific businesses. Her role focused on initiatives related to women’s and children’s well-being, advocacy for women’s rights, and public health. Mrs. Buhari has run a successful business as the founder/managing director of Hanzy Spa and principal of Hanzy Beauty Institute, a beauty salon in Kaduna and Abuja, and also a consultant to the KRCP/NNPC on skills acquisition.

Religion & Family of Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari is a Muslim. She is married to Muhammadu Buhari, a prominent Nigerian politician who served as the President of Nigeria from 2015 to 2023.

Aisha and Muhammadu Buhari have five children, whose names are Zarah Buhari, Yusuf Buhari, Halima Buhari Sheriff, Amina Buhari, and Aisha Buhari.

Public image

Aisha Buhari has been known for her advocacy and initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of women and children in Nigeria. She has spoken out on various issues affecting women, such as healthcare, education, and empowerment. Aisha Buhari established the “Future Assured” program, a charitable effort focused on health, education, and economic empowerment. This program aimed to support various causes, including maternal and child health. 

Things She Did (Secrets)

Aisha is a women’s right activist and child right Advocate, and she has criticized child marriage and homosexuality. 

Aisha Buhari is a vocal advocate of women’s rights and children rights, and this was a focal point during her campaign for her husband’s election in 2015. Aisha has, on several occasions, emphasized the need for young girls to get primary and secondary school education before getting married, saying that she believes no girl should get married before the age of 17.

In October 2015, on the sidelines of the Global Women Conference held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she stressed the need for Nigerian laws that will protect the women from forced early marriages, sex trafficking and other issues Nigerian girls and women contend with. Aisha raised concerns on child sexual abuse in Nigeria, sex trafficking and the need for legislation against early marriage.

On 12 October 2015, Aisha Buhari met with some mothers of the abducted Chibok Girls on 14 October 2016, and donated proceeds from her book to parents of the Chibok girls, the Buni yadi boys murdered in 2014, and children suffering from malnutrition. In October 2014, Aisha advised Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to resign from office as president of Nigeria, following a suicide bombing and an alleged assassination attempt on her husband.

In October 2016, Aisha Buhari said that she would not back her husband in the next election unless he got a grip on his government. He responded that she belonged in his kitchen, saying “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.” 


Which tribe is Aisha Buhari from?

Her father was a civil engineer, Her mother is a daughter of the Ankali tribe,’wellknown farmers’. Aisha is the First Lady of Nigeria and the wife of the present President Muhammadu Buhari who took over office on the 29th of May after winning the former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Is Buhari a Fulani?

Buhari was born to a Fulani family on 17 December 1942, in Katsina State. His father was called Mallam Hardo Adamu, a Fulani chieftain from Dumurkul in Mai’Adua, and his mother, whose name was Zulaihat, had Hausa and Kanuri ancestry.

Which school did Aisha Buhari attend?

Education. Aisha Buhari holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in public administration from Ambrose Alli University (AAU), and a master’s degree in international affairs and strategic studies from the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna.


Aisha Buhari known as the Nigeria’s First Lady and has played a role in advocating for various causes. Her biography reflects her educational achievements, her marriage to President Muhammadu Buhari, and her commitment to addressing critical issues, particularly in women’s and children’s welfare, healthcare, and education. 

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