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List Of Nigerian Ambassadors & Their Assigned Countries

Many Nigerians don’t actually know their ambassadors or even the countries they are currently assigned to beacasue many belive that its of no use to them since they arent travelling out of the country anytime soon.

We assume you landed on this webpage because you wanted to see a list of Nigerian ambassadors and the countries there assigned to, Well, we will be showing you a list of these ambassadors just after you understand the roles of ambassadors and what the really do in their host countries.

An Ambassador is a high ranking diplomat appointed by the president of a country (Nigeria in this case) to support a country’s interests in foreign countries and promote foreign policy strategies through international organizations.

The three main jobs of Nigerian ambassadors are to protect the lives and property of Nigerians in any country they’re assigned to, sustaining peace between Nigeria and these countries and to hold bilateral and peace talks with government officials of the host country.

Other duties of an ambassador includes ensuring the security of staffs and properties of the Nigerian embassy in any given country, signing trade agreements, securing the interests of Nigeria in the host country and many more.

Most ambassadors are normally residents in whichever country they’re assigned to except in few cases where a resident ambassador may be assigned to another neighbouring country which means that he/she will live in the host country but will continue to serve as the ambassador to the neighbouring country.

Ambassadors are also mostly stationed in the capital of the host country and given a specific territory or building called an embassy, whose territory, staff, vehicles and properties are generally afforded diplomatic immunity in the host country and managed by the ambassador.

It is also important to know that Ambassadors in Nigeria are not permanent and can be removed at anytime by the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

When most presidents assume office, they appoint a new set of ambassadors which will oversee the affairs of Nigeria in their respective host countries.

In 2012 for example, Nigeria’s former President, Goodluck Jonathan deployed 93 diplomats to over 64 countries. 86 of these ambassadors were posted out of the country while 7 remained in Nigeria as ambassadors-in- situ but these ambassadors were removed from office when the current president took over.

Nigeria’s incumbent president, Muhammudu Buhari in 2016 appointed a total number of 47 ambassadors and these ambassadors have been deployed in various missions across the world.

At first, there were some issues regarding the appointment of these ambassadors but their appointments were sealed by the upper legislative chamber in Nigeria which is popularly known as the Nigerian senate after these issues were resolved by the presidency.

Below is a list of the 47 appointed Nigerian ambassadors and their places of assignments.

S/NNameState Of OriginPortfolio
1Obinna Chukwuemeka AgbugbaAbiaAmbassador to Togo
2Salisu UmaruAdamawaAmbassador to Senegal
3Paragalda Ilyasu AuduAdamawaAmbassador to Turkey
4Inyan Udo-InyangAkwa IbomAmbassador to Gabon
5Okeke Vivian NwunakuAnambraAmbassador to Spain
6Nonye UdoAnambraAmbassador to Austria
7Liman MunirBauchiAmbassador to Congo
8Ndem Jane AdaBenueAmbassador to Sweden
9Demenongu A. AgevBenueAmbassador to Equatorial Guinea
10Mohammed Hassan HassanBornoAmbassador to Kenya
11Toko Ali GongulongBornoAmbassador to Sao Tome & Principe
12Lawan Abba GashagarBornoAmbassador to Mali
13Martin Nyong CobhamCross RiverAmbassador to Thailand
14Odeka Janet BisongCross RiverAmbassador to Zimbabwe
15Janet Omoleegho OlisaDeltaAmbassador to Jamaica
16Itegboje S.SundayEdoPermanent Mission in New York
17Queen I. WorluEdoAmbassador to Cuba
18Olatunde AdesesanEkitiAmbassador to Angola
19Emmanuel Kayode OguntauseEkitiAmbassador to Benin Republic
20Lilian Ijeukwu OnohEnuguAmbassador to Namibia
21Adamu Onoze ShuaibuFCTAmbassador to Rwanda
22Manaja Tula IsahGombeAmbassador to Israel
23Habu Abubakar Gwani IbrahimGombeAmbassador to Zambia
24Ngozi UkaejeImoAmbassador to Portugal
25Kenneth C. NwachukwuImoAmbassador to Cameroon
26Bello Kazaure HuessiniJigawaAmbassador to North Korea
27Enoch Pear DuchiKadunaAmbassador to Ireland
28Garba BabaKanoAmbassador to Poland
29Rabiu AkawuKanoAmbassador to Algeria
30Usman Bakori AliyuKatsinaAmbassador to China
31Ibrahim HamzaKatsinaAmbassador to Iran
32Umar Zainab SalisuKebbiAmbassador to Botswana
33Momoh Sheidu OmeizaKogiAmbassador to Liberia
34Kadiri Ayinla AuduKwaraPermanent Mission, Geneva
35Olufemi AbikoyeKwaraAmbassador to Ghana
36Balogun HakeemLagosAmbassador to Indonesia
37Inusa AhmedNasarawaAmbassador to Ethiopia
38Ibrahim IsahNigerAmbassador to Australia
39Bankole Adegboyega AdeoyeOgunAmbassador to Belgium
40Sonaike Adekunbi AbibatOgunAmbassador to Philipines
41Ibidapo-Obe OluwasegunOsunAmbassador to Port of Spain T&T
42Ogundero SakiratOyoWashington
43Eric A. Bell-GamRiverAmbassador to Argentina
44Attahiru HalliruSokotoAmbassador to Niger Republic
45Rahmatu A. DunamaTarabaAmbassador to Burkina Faso
46Musa Saban MammanYobe:Ambassador to South Sudan
47Kabiru BalaZamfaraAmbassador to Mozambique

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