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Federal Universities In Nigeria: Full List

Federal Universities In Nigeria:

The Nigerian Educational system is regarded as one of the best educational systems in West Africa and it comprises of 6 Years of Primary/basic education, 6 Years of Secondary education, and 4 years or more of Tertiary education of which you can attend a University, Polytechnic or a COllege of Education.

list of federal universities in nigeria and their school fees

We discovered that Nigerians especially young secondary school leavers are searching for a list of all accredited federal universities in Nigeria right now and in this article, we have decided to cover this topic.

Nigerian federal universities are some of the best universities in the country and in fact, these universities are more preferred by admission seekers than other state and private universities because they offer cheaper fees and generally higher quality of education to their students.

Without wasting more time below is a comprehensive and updated list of all accredited federal universities in Nigeria right now and their website addresses.

List of All Accredited Federal Universities In Nigeria (2020)

Universities In Nigeria: Quick Facts

Nigerian Universities are some of the best universities in Africa, West-African, and the world in general. Federal Universities are owned and managed by the Federal Government while State Universities are owned and managed by the States in which they are located.

All universities in the country are also monitored and regulated by a federal agency called the National Universities Commission. This commission was established in 1962 as an advisory agency in the Cabinet Office and it is located in Abuja the country’s capital.

The NUC is currently headed by Professor Shehu Galadanchi and it is responsible for quality tertiary education in the country. There are also responsible for the accreditation of courses in all Nigerian universities and some of their key objectives are listed below.

  • Advice executive on the financial needs of universities.
  • Coordinate the development of universities in Nigeria.
  • Allocate and disburse federal grants and external aids to universities.
  • Research and advice executive on topics relating to higher education development in Nigeria.
  • Advice executive on the creation of degree-granting institutions.
  • Advice government on the creation of faculties within Nigerian universities


In this post, we have given you a list of all accredited universities in Nigeria and their websites. We have also given you some facts about universities in Nigeria and how they’re regulated.

If you have questions on this topic, please drop them below.

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