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Top 10 Richest Men In Yobe State & Net Worth

Yobe State, located in northeastern Nigeria, is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural resources. As with any region, there are individuals who have achieved significant wealth and prominence within the state. Identifying and acknowledging these individuals provides insight into the economic landscape and potential growth opportunities within Yobe State. In this article, we will explore the top 10 richest men in Yobe State as of 2023, along with their estimated net worth.

Top 10 Richest Men In Yobe State & Net Worth (2023)

Determining the wealth of individuals can be a complex task, often relying on a combination of publicly available information and expert estimations. Factors considered include assets, investments, business ventures, and overall influence. For the purpose of this article, we have utilized various sources such as Forbes, business publications, and reliable financial data to estimate the net worth of the individuals mentioned.

Top 10 Richest Men in Yobe State & Net Worth (2023)

  • Ahmad Lawan – Net Worth: $50 million
  • Mai Mala Buni – Net Worth: $45 million
  • Usman Alkali Baba – Net Worth: $40 million
  • Laylah Ali Othman – Net Worth: $35  million
  • Uwani Musa Abba – Net Worth: $30 million
  • Musa Majakura – Net Worth: $25 million
  • Mohammed Sani Idriss – Net Worth: $20 million
  • Abdullahi Bala Adamu – Net Worth: $18 million
  • Uwani Musa Abba Aji – Net Worth: $15 million
  • Hamza al-Mustapha – Net Worth: $12 million

1.Ahmad Lawan – Net worth: $50 million


Ahmad Lawan, a prominent political figure, is the President of the Nigerian Senate. With a background in economics, Lawan has accumulated significant wealth through various investments and business ventures. His net worth is estimated at $50 million, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in Yobe State. Read Top Richest Youtubers in Nigeria & Net Worth (2023)

2. Mai Mala Buni – Net worth: $45 million


Mai Mala Buni is the Governor of Yobe State and a successful businessman. He has made significant strides in real estate, construction, and other sectors, which have contributed to his estimated net worth of $45 million.

3. Usman Alkali Baba – Net worth: $40 million


Usman Alkali Baba, a native of Yobe State, currently serves as the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force. Throughout his career, he has held various high-ranking positions, accumulating wealth through his service and investments. His net worth is estimated at $40 million.

4. Laylah Ali Othman – Net worth: $35 million


Laylah Ali Othman is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist in Yobe State. She has made significant contributions to the development of the state through her investments in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Her net worth is estimated at $35 million.

5. Uwani Musa Abba – Net worth: $30 million


Uwani Musa Abba, a prominent business tycoon, has established himself as a major player in the oil and gas industry. With diversified business interests in Yobe State and beyond, he has amassed a net worth of $30 million.

6. Musa Majakura – Net worth: $25 million


Musa Majakura, a successful entrepreneur and investor, has made significant strides in the construction and real estate sectors. Through his ventures, he has accumulated a net worth of $25 million.

7. Mohammed Sani Idriss – Net worth: $20 million


Mohammed Sani Idriss is a renowned industrialist and businessman in Yobe State. With interests in manufacturing, agriculture, and logistics, he has built a considerable net worth of $20 million.

8. Abdullahi Bala Adamu – Net worth: $18 million

Abdullahi Bala Adamu, a prominent politician and entrepreneur, has made substantial investments in sectors such as hospitality, agriculture, and real estate. His net worth is estimated at $18 million. Read also Top 10 Richest Yoruba Actors In Nigeria (2023)

9. Uwani Musa Abba Aji – Net worth: $15 million


Uwani Musa Abba Aji, a successful businesswoman, has made notable contributions to the education sector in Yobe State. Through her investments in schools and educational institutions, she has accumulated a net worth of $15 million.

10. Hamza al-Mustapha – Net worth: $12 million


Hamza al-Mustapha, a renowned military officer and businessman, has made significant strides in various sectors. With investments in security services, construction, and other industries, he has amassed a net worth of $12 million.


Yobe State is home to a diverse group of individuals who have achieved remarkable success and amassed substantial wealth. The top 10 richest men in Yobe State, including Ahmad Lawan, Mai Mala Buni, Usman Alkali Baba, Laylah Ali Othman, Uwani Musa Abba, Musa Majakura, Mohammed Sani Idriss, Abdullahi Bala Adamu, Uwani Musa Abba Aji, and Hamza al-Mustapha, have made significant contributions to the state’s economy.

Their wealth is a reflection of their entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, and investments in various sectors such as politics, real estate, manufacturing, and more. These individuals have not only created employment opportunities but also contributed to the overall development and prosperity of Yobe State.

Recognizing and celebrating the success stories of these individuals is essential as it highlights the potential for growth and prosperity within the state. Moreover, their wealth distribution can play a crucial role in fostering economic development and inspiring the younger generation to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

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