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200+ Names Of God In Yoruba & Their Meanings

names of god in yoruba
Names of God In Yoruba Language

Are you searching for the various names of God in Yoruba Language? Then you’re on the right page as in this article, you will find various names of God in Yoruba alongside their meanings in the English language.

A lot of Nigerians love and prefer worshipping and praying to God in their own local languages, hence the need for them to know the names of God in different languages which they might prefer using.

Yorubas, for example, will prefer praying to God in their own native dialect because they believe that it helps them connect to the supreme being in heaven faster and easier.

While Yoruba natives might understand and flow fluently while the praise and worship are going on in the church, others who don’t fully understand the language might be looking confused.

In this post, we’ll be sharing more than 200+ names of God in Yoruba language side by side with their meanings in the English language which of course is the official language spoken by all tribes in Nigeria.

Names Of God In Yoruba Language And Their Meanings

Below are some of the names of God in the Yoruba language which is one of the most spoken languages in Africa. Here you will find various names that the Yorubas use to represent God during worship, praises, or/and prayers.

While you might have heard some of these names while worshipping or praying amongst the Yorubas, others are not so popular so you’ll be learning some of them in this section.

  • Oluwa – God or Lord
  • Olorun – God or Lord
  • Oluwa Wa – Our Lord
  • Olorun Wa – Our God
  • Oluwa Awon Oluwa – The Lord of lords, the king of kings.
  • Olorun Awon Olorun – The God of all other gods
  • Kabiyeesi – The King of the world
  • Oba Awon Oba – King of kings
  • Olodumare, Atobiju – The Almighty God
  • Arugbo Ojo – Ancient of days, the beginning and the end.
  • Olorun Agbalagba – Ancient of days
  • Adagba Ma Paaro Oye – Unchanging God(Lord)
  • Olorun Ti o Yipada – The unchanging/unchangeable God
  • Olorun kan lai-lai – The only God
  • Ikan Lana, Ikan Loni, Ikan Lola – Same yesterday, today and forever
  • Okan titi aye ainipekun – The same forever and ever
  • Oba ti mbe nibi gbogbo nigba gbogbo – the universal and omnipresent God
  • Metalokan, Ologo meta – The trinity(Three in one God)
  • Olorun Baba, Olorun Omo, Olorun Emi Mimo – God the Father, God the son, God the Holy Spirit.
  • Olorun Abrahamu, Olorun Isaki, Olorun Jakobu – God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  • Olorun owu – The jealous God
  • Olorun ti kii s’enia ti yio paro – The God that no man can change. The unchangeable changer.
  • Alewilese, Aleselewi, Owibee sebee – The God that cannot only speak but act.
  • Awimayehun – A God who speaks and cannot change his words.
  • Asoromaye – He who prophesize and comes to past
  • Onimajemu – Covenant-keeping God. A God that keeps covenants with his worshipers.
  • Olulana – The only one who makes a way where there is none.
  • Olorun oro – A God of the spoken word
  • Oba to ti o gbe oro Re ga ju Oruko Re lo – The Lord who exalts his word more than his name
  • Olufe okan wa – My lover
  • Oba t’o yan wa fe – God who has predestined us
  • Olusegun, Ajasegun – The conqueror
  • Gbanigbani ni’jo ogun le, Atofarati bi oke, Odi wa – Our defense against the plans of the wicked
  • Ogbagba ti ngb’ara adugbo – Our Protector
  • Oba t’o pin okun pupa n’iya – The mighty one who parted the red sea for his people
  • Olorun t’o mu Jodani sa niwaju awon omo re – God who parted the river Jordan
  • Oba t’o bi odi Jeriko wo – The lord who destroyed the walls of Jericho
  • Olorun t’o kolu Egipiti l’ara awon akobi re – God who killed all the firstborns of the Egyptians
  • Oba t’o ju gbogbo orisa lo – The Almighty Lord
  • Olorun t’o tobi ju gbogbo aye lo – He who is greater than all the nations of the earth
  • Oba t’o da monamona fun ojo – The God who created lightning.
  • Oba to ni owa t’owa, Oba t’oni olo, t’olo, Oba t’oni k’owa, t’owa – The God who commands
  • Oba t’oni k’omasi, ti o si si mo – The God who can close a door that no human can open
  • Oba t’ao ri, sugbon t’ari ise owo re – The unseen God but his people feel his impacts
  • Olorun t’o n gbo adura – A God who hears prayers
  • Oba t’o n dahun adura – The Lord who answers prayers
  • Olutoju wa – Our Keeper
  • Onibuore – One whose stores are full of abundant blessings
  • Afunni ma s’iregun – The God who blesses without asking for a reward
  • Adanimagbagbe – The creator of all things
  • Oyigiyigi – The great and mighty God
  • Alakoso orun at’aye – The God of Heaven and the earth
  • Atogbojule – A dependable God
  • Alagbawi eda, Atofarati – Our defender
  • Alagbada ina – He that covers Himself with fire branded robe
  • Alawotele oorun – The one whose underwear is Sun
  • Asorodayo – The God who gives joy to his people
  • Oba t’o mu ‘banuje tan – The one who puts end to sorrow
  • Ogbeja k’eru o ba onija – A God who fights for the defenseless
  • Jagunjagun ode orun – The great warrior of the heavenly
  • Olowogbogboro – One whose hand is long enough to reach any length of the earth
  • Olorun awon omo ogun – The great warrior
  • Aduro tini bi akoni eleru – One who is ever faithful
  • Eru jeje l’eti okun pupa – The Most powerful by the red sea
  • Oba t’o mu iji dake roro – A God who commands the storm to stay still
  • Alaabo, Olupamo – Our keeper and guide
  • Oluso – Our guard
  • Oludande – Our Deliverer
  • Olugbala – Our saviour
  • Olutusile – The God of freedom
  • Oludariji – A God who forgives
  • Oba t’o se’gun agbara ese – The Lord who delivers from the bondage of sin
  • Oba t’o san gbogbo ‘gbese wa – One who pays the price for our sins
  • Olorun ajinde – The resurrected one
  • Olutunu – Our comforter
  • Olorun t’ape t’o n je – The God who answers whenever we call
  • Oba t’o n dahun adura pelu ina – The God that answers by fire
  • Eleda – The creator
  • Akoda aye – The first among all things in the universe
  • Aseda orun – He who made the heavens
  • Oba t’o fi’di aye s’ole s’ori omi – The Lord who established the earth on waters
  • Oba t’o mo wa – He who knoweth us
  • Oba t’o mo ohun gbogbo – The all-knowing God
  • Oba ti ohun gbogbo nbe n’ikawo re – He who has the whole world in his hands
  • Oba to joko soke orun to f’ile aye se itise re – He who made the earth his footstool
  • Oba ti ntu won ka nibi ti won nti da’na iro – He who brings confusion amongst the enemies
  • Atererekariaye – He spreads out across the earth
  • Eletigb’aroye – The great ear that hears all over the world
  • Alatilehin – Our succor
  • Alaanu – The merciful one
  • Oba ti aanu Re duro lailai – He whose mercies endureth forever
  • Oba alade alafia – The Prince of peace
  • Oloore ofe – The gracious Lord
  • Olorun ife – God of Love
  • Olorun ayo – He who brings joy
  • Olutunu – Our comforter
  • Olubukun – The blessed God
  • Onise iyanu – Miracle worker
  • Onise ara – Wonderful God
  • Onise nla – Great God
  • Mimo, Mimo, Mimo – Holy! Holy! Holy God
  • Oba t’o ninu mimo – Righteous God
  • Oba alaya fun fun – Immaculate God
  • Olotito, Olododo – The Truthful
  • Oloruko nla – The greatest name
  • Ologojulo – Glorious God
  • Emi ni ti nje Emi ni – I am that I am
  • Oba t’oni gbogbo ope – He who deserves all praise and worship
  • Olorun t’oni gbogbo iyin – He who deserves all honor on earth
  • Oba ti ko ni pin ogo Re pel’enikankan – God that does not share his glory with any man
  • Oba t’o ti wa, t’o si wa, ti o si ma wa lailai – The God that was, that is and that will remain forever
  • Ibere ati opin – The Alpha and omega
  • Aduro gboingboin lehin asotito – The defender of the truthful ones
  • Imole ninu okunkun aye – The light in the darkness
  • Alagbara l’orun ati l’aye – The mighty in heaven and on earth
  • Oba ti nyoni kuro ninu ofin aye – The Lord who rescues his own from the pit
  • Atogbokanle – The trustworthy God
  • Atofokante – Our Confidience
  • Adunbarin, Adunbalo – The one who is worthy to walk with
  • Adunkepe – The one who you can call on it times of need
  • Apata ayeraye, Apata wa – The rock of ages
  • Alabarin aye wa – Our companion
  • Olupese – Our provider
  • Oluranlowo – Our helper
  • Ireti wa – Our hope
  • Oba ti gbobo oba nt’owo Re gb’ase – Kings from whom kings take orders
  • Adakedajo – He who Judges silently
  • Adajo ma fi t’enikan se – The just Judge of the world
  • Oba ti kii s’ojusaju – The unbiased God
  • Oba t’enikan o le pe l’ejo – The king that can never be judged
  • Oba aseyiowu – Unquestionable God
  • Oba tii s’agan d’olomo – The God who makes the barren women conceive
  • Abiyamo ode orun – The great mother of heaven
  • Atorise – The only one who can turn a bad situation to good
  • As’oloriburuku d’olorire – God who can remove all the problems from one’s life
  • Arinu r’ode – God who sees the visible and the invisible. He who sees what no man can see
  • Olumoranokan eda – He who sees the intent of the heart of every man
  • Oludamoran – The Great adviser
  • Baba wa – Abba father
  • Ore wa – Our friend
  • Ibi isadi wa – Our refugee
  • Aabo wa – our protector
  • Oluwosan – The great healer of the sick
  • Asoku d’alaye – He who brings the dead to life
  • Olorun alaaye – The God of the living
  • Oba ti n p’ojo iku da – God who can avert a death situation
  • Oba ti emi gbogbo enia wa l’owo re – He who has the keys to our existence on the earth
  • Oba ti nti t’enikan o lesi – He who stops and no man can start
  • Awamaridi – Unsearchable God
  • Abetilukara bi ajere – A God who hears all
  • Oba ti ki sun, ti ki togbe – One who never sleeps nor slumbers
  • Oba onise nla – The great worker of good deeds
  • Onigbonwo wa – Our sponsor
  • Olorun pipe – Perfect God)
  • Olorun rere – Good God
  • Akiri s’ore, As’ore kiiri – He who goes about doing good to all
  • Gbongbo idile Jesse – The God of the tribe of Jesse
  • Oba t’o f’oro da ile aye – He who created all things with word of mouth
  • Oba to ti wa k’aye o towa – He who existed long before the creation
  • Oba ti o ma wa nigba t’aye o ni si mo – He who will remain at the end of all things

Wrap Up On The Names Of God In Yoruba & Their Meanings

We hope you enjoyed this post about the various names of God in Yoruba Language. Even though there are over 1 million+ identifier for God in the Yoruba language, we have managed to share some and not all of them so you can use them to spice up your worship, praises, and prayers to God.

And that will be it for this article. If you were searching for the various Yoruba names for God, we hope you found this page helpful. The names can also suffice as some of the names of Jesus in Yoruba too!

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