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KiaKia Loan App: All You Need To Know

kiakia loan app
KiaKia Loan App

When it comes to collateral-free loans in Nigeria, the Sterling KiaKia loan App and website have proven to be one of the best providers in the country.

Kiakia loan is a collateral-free loan scheme that is offered by Sterling Bank Nigeria in collaboration with the federal government. It comes with two offers which include the N50,000 loan and the N100,000 loan.

To apply for this loan, you need a working Sterling bank account as all approved loans can only be deposited in a Sterling bank account.

This loan scheme also offers a flexible repayment plan. You can pay back within a week, a month, or six (6) months depending on what’s convenient for you.

In this post, we’ll be showing you a step-by-step guide that you can take to ensure that you install and use the Sterling Kiakia loan correctly to get loans in Nigeria.

KiaKia Loan App And Website

This website makes use of a chatbot and it has no Android or iOS app. This chatbot takes you through the process of registration and other activities towards getting your personal loans.

Please note that you must have an identity card(from a firm that you work for/at) before you can access the various loans on Kiakia.

To register on this loan app, follow the steps below:

create account kiakia
Create An Account On KiaKia
  • Visit the official website at
  • Click on the button with “Click to get a loan” written on it. This will take you to the chatbot page as seen above.
  • If you haven’t created an account, click on the “Create an account” button.
  • After completing the above process, click on the “Get a loan” button to apply for a loan.

The primary means of identification for all KiaKia users (borrowers and attesters) is the BVN (Bank Verification Number). An identification card from your firm is also necessary but it is used as a secondary means of identification.

Please note that not all loans will be granted. Anyone who applies for these loans has to pass the conditions set by KiaKia to be granted a loan.

Your application status will be communicated to you in due course if your loan has been approved. It is also good if you bookmark the chatbot page for you to access it faster when the need comes.

Features Of The KiaKia Loan App

  1. Loan Applications – Access personal and small business loans in real-time 24/7.
  2. Credit Score – Learn about scoring and how you can build your credit score based on your activity on the platform and financial behavior.
  3. Friendly Reminders – Get friendly repayment reminders and notifications before repayment on your due date.
  4. Lend Out – Get listed as a lender, fund loans, and earn good interest rates.
  5. Transaction Status – Check your application status, loan status, interest rates, and credit profile.

Advantages Of KiaKia

  1. Real-time – Account creation and loan application are very fast and always available 24/7. No downtime. You can apply for funds or fund loans anytime.
  2. No fees – KiaKia charges no application or bank listing fees.
  3. Self-service – Assigned personalized virtual agent at your beck and call anytime with little or no human intervention during the application process.

Interest Rate And Repayment Plan

This loan scheme is very affordable for business owners and salary earners.

When you borrow N50,000, you are required to pay back a total of N54,000 while that of N100,000 is N108,000 in six (6) months.

As we mentioned earlier in this post, you can choose to pay back within a week, a month, or six (6) months. This means you can choose to pay N2250 per week or N9000 per month.

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