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FRSC Drivers Licence Renewal: How To Renew Your Drivers Licence Online

frsc drivers licence renewal
FRSC Drivers Licence Renewal Portal

This post contains a full guide on how to renew your driver’s licence in Nigeria and how to get your FRSC drivers licence renewal form in 2024.

Renewing your driver’s licence in Nigeria has been made easy for Nigerian drivers as you can now do almost all drivers licence applications online via your internet-enabled mobile phones or personal computers.

Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is the Government Agency that is responsible for all road safety administration in Nigeria.

Their functions include checking roadworthiness of vehicles, issuing drivers licences to road users and educating road users and the general public on the importance of discipline on Nigerian roads.

According to the Federal Road Safety Corps Act, drivers licences are only valid for a duration of four years. To regain your driver’s licence after these four years, you have to apply for the FRSC drivers licence renewal service.

In this post, we’ll be giving you a complete guide on how to go about your FRSC drivers licence renewal online.

Please note that no driving tests are required to renew your driver’s licence.

How To Apply For FRSC Drivers Licence Renewal Online

To renew your FRSC drivers licence, please follow these steps carefully.

  • Visit the official Nigerian driver’s licence renewal website on
  • Fill in your correct Date of Birth (DOB) and your Driver’s Licence Number to continue
  • After inputting your correct details, you would be able to access and fill the FRSC drivers licence renewal form.
  • You can make payments for the driver’s license at any of the designated banks or with other online payment platforms.
  • Print Your receipts as they will be required when submitting your application form at FRSC drivers licensing centres.
  • The cost of renewing your driver’s licence in Nigerian is N6,000 only.

After completing the above procedures, please visit the nearest FRSC office to have your biometrics recaptured and saved on their database. You’ll also be given a temporary drivers licence which is valid for 60 days (The original one should be ready before then).

The officials at the FRSC office would also give you a date to come for your original Nigerian driver’s licence.

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