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Salary Of Nigerian Governors And Their Deputies (Full Breakdown)

Nigerian Governors, as the most important individuals at the state level, have numerous expectations placed on their shoulders. These expectations range from policy formulations to the execution of sustainable projects targeted at improving the lives of citizens and many more.

Admittedly, governance in Nigeria may be a daunting task, especially within the face of limited resources, but even within the face of those hurdles, some of them have shown an exceptional capacity to raise their societies while others have appeared incompetent.

Being the most important citizen of the state isn’t a simple road to steer on. Although, it comes with numerous benefits, ranging from national respect as the most sort after citizen of the state to fat allowances and top Security Service from the Nigerian police and the DSS.

If you possibly have an interest to finding what proportion a Nigerian Governor earns either monthly or annually, well, this article will enlighten you on Nigerian Governor’s salary after the new minimum wage increase this 2020.

Governor’s Salaries in Nigeria: What Proportion Do Governors Earn In Nigeria As Of 2024?

Sometimes the salaries of position holders in Nigeria are often a topic of controversy as many have claimed that the rising cost of governance within the country and the money allocated to pay the salaries of those officers will one day have a huge impact on the country’s economy.

Also, there are claims that if these officers reduce their salaries and allowances, there will be more funds for development but the level of truth in this is what we can’t say for now.

Well, with this post, we’ve decided to deal with this controversy by taking a glance at the typical salary of the average Nigerian governor.

We’ll also check out the wages of other position holders within the state of which some of these include the deputy governors, secretaries to the government and the local government chairmen e.t.c, as these public offices functions under the state Governor’s office.

Firstly, individuals who have a thing for politics and may aspire to become a governor in Nigeria one day, has to meet the following requirements as prescribed by the constitution:

  • Must be a Nigerian by birth
  • Must not be younger than 35 years.
  • Must be a registered member of a party approved by INEC.

Finally, he/she will be entitled to a four-year tenure and may serve for an additional four years if re-elected by people of the given state in Nigeria.

The state governor annual salary is N11,540,896, with the monthly basic salary being ₦2,223,705, while the annual leave allowance is ₦222,370.50.

In line with the 2009 approved salary earning in Nigeria, every state governor is entitled to 400% of his annual basic salary totalling ₦8,894,820 as loan for vehicles and maintenance.

Aside, the essential salary and vehicle allowance, the governor’s package also comes with accommodation and furniture allowances, which is additionally provided by the government.

Additionally, the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and monetary Package (RMAFP) may be a welfare package that probably explains more on the spending of governors within the country.

Right below is the complete breakdown of the allowance and salary of the state governors in Nigeria:

  • Monthly Basic Salary₦2,223,705
  • Leave Allowance₦222,370.50
  • Vehicle Loan 400% of annual basic salary
  • End of Tenure Gratuity = ₦6,671,115.

Total Annual Salary of a governor in Nigeria is capped at 11,540,896 Naira.

Salaries of Deputy State Governors In Nigeria

The deputy governor is the second in command and by constitution can govern the state in the absence of the state governor. He is seen as the second citizen within the state, and he/she earns a touch bit less than the annual salary of the state governor.

A deputy governor in Nigeria receives 10,772,296 Naira as salary annually. The breakdown for the deputy Governor can be seen below:

  • Monthly Basic Salary₦2,112,215
  • Vehicle Loan₦8,448,860
  • Annual Leave Allowance₦211,221.50.

The deputy governor also enjoys accommodation and furniture allowance, even as the governor which is dully provided for by the government also as medical bills. No limit is additionally set for foreign trips.

A Look At The Commissioner/Secretary To The Government Salary Structure

The Governor’s entourage includes the deputy governor, commissioners in different state ministries, the secretary to the government and others. These persons can not be left behind while evaluating Governors salaries and allowances.

Commissioners and sectaries at the state level in Nigeria earn an equivalent salary. Persons occupying any of these positions receive a salary of ₦10,831,522 that consists of an annual basic salary of ₦1,337,225.

These set of people to be mentioned occupy vital offices that operate within the state to ensure that a smooth and successful tenure of the Governor is achieved. Within this range are the salaries of the chairmen of the State Government Officials, Commissioners, Government Service Commission, State Judicial Service Commission, and Chief of Staff to Governor.

Below may be a breakdown of what they earn:

  • Basic Salary₦1,337,225
  • Furniture Allowance ₦4,011,675
  • Leave Allowance₦133,722.50.
  • Vehicle Loan₦5,348,900
  • Severance Gratuity₦4,011,675

The only difference between the allowances of commissioners and secretaries at the state level is on their foreign trips, which is restricted to $600 while an area trip is about at N25,000.

What Is The Salary Of A Local Government Chairman In Nigeria?

This is the grass root political office. Persons who occupy this office are meant to connect with the people in the grassroot level and with these persons in place the Governor is greatly informed on the needs of the people in his state.

The annual salary of local government Chairmen in Nigeria is ₦5,994,659 once you add up all other allowances attached to the office. Furniture allowance is received once in four years.

Here may be a breakdown of what government chairmen earn within the country:

  • Annual Basic Salary ₦908,312
  • Furniture Allowance₦1,362,468
  • Leave Allowance₦90,831.20
  • Vehicle Loan₦3,633,248
  • Severance Gratuity₦2,724,936

For salaries of the deputy government chairman, it’s estimated at ₦5,630,169.60. Annual basic salary of ₦853,056 and furniture allowance of ₦1,279,584 is additionally included plus a vehicle loan of ₦3,412,224 and a separate severance gratuity of N2,559,168.00.

Conclusively, While the above figures for these position holders might sound juicy, the task that comes with the job isn’t an easy one. 

The sole advantage is that you simply are paid well for occupying such positions. The work of a public officer also shouldn’t be done due to the advantages or gains but as a service to humanity and therefore the folks that elected you.

But obviously, as long as the Nigerian system is involved, we all know that most of these governors don’t live by the salaries stated above, as governors with no exception can boast of acquiring billions of Naira in their private accounts at the end of their tenure.
Politicians in Nigeria are also seen as the richest set of people in the country.

Nigeria’s political offices are believed to be the fastest means of acquiring wealth. This means that any elected individual after being emerged victorious will be desperate to accumulate enough wealth through legal and illegal means.

Some governors are so corrupt that they even attempt to empty the state’s account, embezzling states funds meant for state projects and also depriving pension earners their rights to monthly pension as a result of greed.

In the nearest future, we hope to experience a less corrupt and transparent system of government, one that can rely and depend on their monthly salaries instead of embezzling public funds.

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