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Top 10 Best Nigerian Phone Review Channels On Youtube

This is one post I’ve always wanted to share on this blog – my top 10 best Nigerian phone review channels on Youtube.

Interested in knowing these tech-niched(phone review) youtube channels and the hardworking vloggers/bloggers behind them? Read on…

We all love mobile devices and I’m 80% sure that you’re using a mobile device to read this post(most of the traffic on this blog comes from mobile users so I’m not using a kind of JUJU… Lol).

So my flow, whenever I want to get a new device, is this:

  • First, I head over to Google to see the detailed specification of the device
  • Then I go straight to to get the latest price(s) of the phone
  • After going through the processes mentioned above, then I head over to my Youtube app(if I’m on mobile) and Youtube website (if I’m on PC) to get a detailed review and unboxing video of the smartphone

That’s where the phone review youtube channels come in.

Over time, I’ve discovered that there are some outstanding made in Nigeria phone review youtube channels which I could rely on whenever I wanted to get an unbiased review of any smartphone in the Nigerian market.

In this post, I’ve decided to share my top 10 best Nigerian phone review channels on Youtube for 2019.

Please note that this is my PERSONAL OPINION and may not be in accordance with what you might think. I’ve personally watched at least two videos on these youtube channels so this is not just any list of the best Nigerian tech “Youtubers”.

Without “FodaAdu“, let’s start.

Top 10 Best Nigerian Phone Review Channels On Youtube.

best nigerian phone review channel - Fisayo Fosudo
Fisayo doing his thing – [Image credits –]

1) Fisayo Fosudo

  • Subscribers – 37k+
  • Owner – Fisayo Fosudo
  • Website – Nil

On the no 1 spot on my list is a Nigerian Youtube channel known as “Fisayo Fosudo“. Fisayo who is the owner of this channel is a Designer, Tech YouTuber and visual storyteller who is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

During my first glance through his videos, I couldn’t help but admire the quality of his contents and time spent in making those videos. His comments and advice are all you need before proceeding to a mobile phone store to buy any device.

In my personal opinion, his channel is the best Nigerian phone review channel on the YouTube platform.

Tobi Ayeni (Misstechy) – [Photo credits –]

2) MissTechy

  • Subscribers
  • Owner – Tobi Ayeni
  • Website –

This is a channel owned by one of the best female tech bloggers in Nigeria – Miss Tobi Ayeni. She runs this channel alongside her blog( where she also posts tech-related contents for her readers.

Misstechy YouTube channel is also one of those YouTube channels I just can’t stop watching. She vlogs about mobile phone/gadgets reviews, travel, lifestyle and lots more.

Do well to visit her YouTube channel if you need to watch review and unboxing videos of popular mobile ones in Nigeria.

Quick Fact: She also does giveaways too, so you stand a chance to win any of those fancy mobile devices which she unboxes.????

Eric Okafor Picture
Eric Okafor (KnewKeed) – [Source –]

3) Eric Okafor

  • Subscribers – 52k+
  • Owner – Eric Okafor
  • Website –

Eric Okafor is also another Youtube channel which I always recommend for unbiased phone reviews. This channel is owned and managed by Eric A.K.A KnewKeed who is a blogger, vlogger, and graphics designer.

This channel focuses on reviewing and unboxing smartphones, apps, and other gadgets. He also runs a website – where he also writes tech-related articles too.

Henreeneo In Action – [Source –]

4) Henreeneo

  • Subscribers – 24k+
  • Owner
  • Website –

Henreeneo is a Youtube channel which was launched in May 2017 to bring lovers of technology unboxings in-depth reviews on technology products like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches together on youtube.

It is a channel which is based in Lagos, Nigeria and managed by a techy known as Henreeneo.

This is also one of my best Nigerian smartphone review channels on youtube, so feel free to check it out the next time you’re on Youtube.

5) Fred’s Tech Hub

  • Subscribers – 9.8k+
  • Owner – A.K Fred
  • Website – none

Still on the topic of top Nigerian Tech Youtube channels in 2019, Fred’s Tech Hub channel, is another channel you don’t want to miss if you’re a lover of smYouTubebe and other gadgets in Nigeria.

This channel is also one of the Nigerian tech youtube channels I’ve come to like in the recent times given by the quality of his contents.

Fred’s Tech Hub is owned and managed by A.K Fred who is a Lagos based vlogger, smartphone reviewer, and tech enthusiast.

TechCityNG Youtube Channel Image
TechCityNG Youtube Anchor – [Source –]

6) TechCityNG

  • Subscribers – 9.6k+
  • Owner – Olawale Adeyina
  • Website –

Unlike other channels which I’ve mentioned in this article, TechCityNG is not a solo channel as it has a lot of anchors who dish out interesting tech-related videos for its subscribers and Nigerians in general.

TechCityNG does a lot of reviews of popular phones in Nigeria like Tecno, Infinix, Xiaomi e.t.c, and street interviews too. The reviews on this channel are top-notch which acts as a buyers guide to its subscribers.

Overall, TechCityNG one of the Nigerian Youtube channels to check whenever you’re on the quest for unbiased reviews of smartphones and tech-related videos too.

Not a fan of videos? They’ve also got a website –

Oscar Frank (Oscarmini)

7) OscarMini

  • Subscribers – 1.8k+
  • Owner – Oscar Frank
  • Website –

Occupying the 7th spot on my list of the top 10 best Nigerian phone review channels on YouTube, we have the OscarMini Youtube Channel.

This is a YouTube channel which is owned and currently managed by Oscar Frank who is the owner of one of the popular Nigerian tech blogs –

It is a channel which was launched in 2016 with the motive of reviewing various gadgets and also to give top-notch tech gist.

Wale In Action – [Source –]

8) DonCaprio

  • Subscribers – 2.6k+
  • Owner – Wale Adekile
  • Website –

Still on the topic of top Nigerian tech Youtube channels, the DonCaprio Youtube channel(formerly is another Nigerian channel you should check out if you’re seeking quality smartphone/gadget reviews and tech-related videos.

DonCaprio is a Youtube channel which is owned and managed by Wale Adekile who is also the chief editor at

This channel doesn’t only focus on review on mobile devices by popular smartphone brands in Nigeria but also reviews of unpopular smartphone brands and other gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, monitors, television sets and lots more.

9) Samuel Adeniyi

  • Subscribers – 2.2k+
  • Owner – Samuel Adeniyi
  • Website –

Samuel Adeniyi is another Nigerian youtube channel which is known for smartphones/gadget reviews, unboxing videos and tech tutorials.

It is owned and managed by Samuel Adeniyi who also the owner and chief editor at technology blog. Videos uploaded on this channel show a high level of professionality and in-depth information on products featured.

This channel also does smartphone comparations which you would love to watch so head over to to check out his videos.

10) Mntrends Tech

  • Subscribers – 600+

Honestly, choosing the last YouTube channel on this list was a lot harder than I thought, but this Nigerian YouTube channel caught my attention.

Although this channel is a relatively new Nigerian YouTube channel, it comes with its style of uniqueness and that’s reviewing and unboxing devices in PIDGIN ENGLISH.

This is another Nigerian YouTube channel which you should also check out. It offers unbiased phone reviews, comparisons, and unboxing in the popular Pidgin English.

As at the time of writing this post, the Mntrends Tech channel has over 600 subscribers, 45 videos uploaded(24 tech-related), with total views of 200,201 views.

This ends the list of my top 10 best Nigerian phone review channels on Youtube for 2019.

Over to you.

Do you know any channel that should be on this list? Did I miss your favourite channel? Feel free to let me know via the comment box below.

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