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Top 10 Best Aviation Schools In Nigeria & Their Locations

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A career in the aviation industry is arguably one of the best career paths in Nigeria right now and each year, many young Nigerians apply to get admissions in different aviation/pilot training schools scattered across the country. This is not suprising to many of us as pilots are well respected around the world including Nigeria.

After a comprehensive research on aviation schools in Nigeria we ended up selecting the top 10 accredited aviation schools and training institutions that are considered the best in Nigeria.

Below is a list of the 10 best aviation schools in Nigeria that you can enrol with for your flight courses.

Top 10 Best Aviation Schools & Flight Training Institutions in Nigeria (2024 Ranking)

1) International Aviation College

The International Aviation College which is located at an equivalent area where you’ll find the International Airport at Ilorin in Kwara State is the first privately owned aviation institute within the country. They began flight training in 2013 and have a set of Diamond aircraft at their disposal which they use in training their pilots.

If you’re trying to find the most cost-effective aviation college in Nigeria, I suggest you look elsewhere because the school fees of IAC is close to N7 million. For those seeking to enrol into this school, you must be around 17 years of age, must have a minimum of 5 credit in Mathematics, Physics, English, Geography and other subject which is their minimum admission requirement into IAC.

To be able to study in this institution, you’re mandated to pass some tests which includes ability test, oral interview and a flair test.

The course duration is this aviation school is about 1 year and 6 months and the school boasts of foreign trained instructors that provide quality training to pilots, traffic controllers and mechanics.

2) Landover Aviation Graduate School

This is another accredited aviation school that is considered one of the best in Nigeria. Founded in 2002, this varsity offers diverse aviation courses to her students to instil the required discipline for a successful aviation practice.

They currently have three faculties which include: the school of travel and tourism which offers basic airfares, ticketing programmes & International air transportation Association (IATA) certificate courses, the school of aviation technical and aviation operations which offers basic flight dispatchers advance courses and also the school of aviation management operations.

From our research, Basic Airfares and Ticketing Programme can cost you up to N75,000 only which runs for just fortnight while the essential Flight Dispatcher’s Course will cost you up to N230,000 to partake in this program.

3) Nigerian College of Aviation Technology

This college was founded in 1964 and is currently located at Zaria in Kaduna state. The NCAT is the first aviation college within the country and was formerly known as the Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Centre.

Over the years, NCAT has proven itself to not only be prestigious but the simplest among the remainder. With their mutual partnerships with several domestic airlines within the country, you’re bound to get the required training you will be needing to excel in your flying career as a pilot. They even have fleet of operational aircraft that are used on chartered basis.

Apart from training of economic pilots, variety of the accredited aviation courses offered at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology includes: standard pilot course, private pilot license, flight planning, flying instructor course, cabin crew basic course and cabin crew refresher. They also offer aviation management courses and aircraft maintenance engineering, aeronautical telecommunications engineering, traffic services and communication.

4) Universal School of Aviation

This is another top aviation school located in Ejibo area of Lagos State, Nigeria. USA as it is fondly called was established to supply well-trained pilots and other aviation staffs be it for domestic or international aviation related agencies.

Some top courses offered at the United school of aviation includes: agency management and hotel management, flight planing and many more. You might want to understand the proportion of the Universal School of Aviation fees? Well, it all depends on the course and duration of coaching undergone. According to their portal, most courses cost as low as N50,000 which is reasonable although, their expensive pilot training can cost you up to N7 million with discount included.

5) Dhaewood Aviation Graduate School

Dhaewood Aviation Graduate School (DABS) is another private aviation school which was established in 2002. The varsity itself is managed by a licensed team of qualified IATA tutors in Nigeria.

Admission into this school is solely based on merit as competition is fierce in the institution. You might also want to understand the proportion of DABS school fees? Well, the fees depend on the course of study.

For instance, the pilot courses of the Dhaewood Aviation Graduate School can cost up to N7 million while the most cost effective fee will cost you about fifty thousand Naira only.

6) Aeroport College Of Aviation & Travel Management (ACATM)

ACATM provides personal coaching services to make sure you’ve got the skills and knowledge it takes to succeed at the upper levels in various sectors of the aviation industry. Although, ACATM isn’t an aviation school, it’s more of a training institute for interested persons that desire to be trained in a specific area of aviation.

Moreover, they’re registered member of NANTA (National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies), ASTA (American Society of Travel Agencies) and accreditation by NCAA (Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority) and IATA (International Air Transportation Association) are ongoing.

They are established to coach different professionals to satisfy the stress within the rapidly expanding aviation industry in Nigeria and globally. Curriculums used in this institution are up-to-date and their instructors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and approachable.

7) Aeroconsult Aviation Training

Aeroconsult Aviation Training is one of the leading specialist aviation consultancy firm in Nigeria offering services in operations, engineering and service industry to aviation and allied industries. It is also approved by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority as an Approved Training Organization (ATO) with the following approval No.: ATO/AA/002

The institution was established in October 1993 and with a team of experts whose expertise impacts directly on the standard of project execution and years of experience, Aeroconsult is arguably a point of reference within the aviation sector.

8) Crew Training Institute – CTI

Just like the ACATM, CTI focuses on training individuals who want to be employed as cabin crew members. They’re a training platform designed and facilitated by experienced cabin crew members to supply career services to aspiring Nigerian cabin crew members. They focus only on the essential information for the career path.

9) Institute Of Aviation & Maritime Studies

The Institute Of Aviation and Maritime Studies focuses on the training and development of enrollees in areas like air transportation studies, ticketing & reservation, travel & tourism management, aviation security and many more.

This institution can’t be seen as a typical aviation school, but as a training institution in specialized areas of Aviation.

10) Gibair Aviation Academy

Gibair Aviation Academy is a Nigerian based Aviation Training and consulting institution that provides an entire aviation and maritime training to prospective candidate that might include students, workers, travel organizations and Co-operate bodies who wish to form a career in Aviation and Maritime industry.

It is a subsidiary of Gibair Aviation Services that provides an in depth but a comprehensive range of services to the public.


With this article on the top 10 best Aviation schools and flight training institutions in Nigeria, we believe making decisions on which Aviation school or training institution to enrol in shouldn’t be difficult for you.

When choosing institutes of learning, you would want to pick the best out of the bunch, especially in a field as competitive as aviation. The schools listed here are the absolute best when it comes to grooming and tutoring, as they all meet the quality of the International air transportation Association.

While tuition in these aviation institutes could also be quite high, you’re bound to receive value for your money.

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