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Top Nigerian Celebrities With Striking Resemblance [Shocking!]

See list of top Nigerian Celebrities With their lookalikes!

Having a look alike is something some people dislike while others really love to hear that they have a look alike especially when the said look alike is a famous person or a celebrity.

The most interesting part of look alikes is when there are two famous people or celebrities involved. Some of these celebrity look alikes have a very striking resemblance which could make one think if they are real siblings.

Some of these Nigerian celebrities with very striking resemblance especially actors and actresses can cast as siblings or parent and child depending on the age difference.

Look alikes are many amongst Nigerian celebrities and in this article, we will be sharing a list of Nigerian celebrities with striking resemblance.

11 Nigerian Celebrity Look Alikes

1) 2Baba & Joel

2baba and joel

2baba and Joel are the most famous celebrities look alikes in the Nigerian music industry. Without taking a very very close look at these great Nigerian music stars, you would think they’re twins but that’s not true because these musicians are not related at all.

Coincedentally, these two musicians where in the same record label (Kennis Music) before 2Baba’s exit in 2008. Despite having a very strong strong resemblance, 2Baba and Joel are also good friends and have also made some hits together.

2) MayD & Adekunle Gold


Mr MayD as he is popular called and Adekunle Gold are Nigerian born singers, song writers and entertainers who have a very strong resemblance. Ordinarily one would think that these two Nigerian singers are twins but the truth is that they are not related in any way.

Many people believe that MayD paved way for his “supposed” brother – Adekunle Gold in the Nigerian industry. How possible do you think this is? ????????

3) Uti Nwachukwu and Gbenro Ajibade


Sir Uti and Gbenro Ajibade are both television personalities, Nollywood actors and models based in Nigeria. These two guys look alike with striking resemblance and merely looking at an image of both of them one would think these two guys are siblings and possibly twins.

These Nigerian celebrity duo used to be who the ones who knew just how to rock dreads but Gbenro started rocking the low cut hairstyle after his wedding in 2015 leaving Uti behind in the “Dread Gang”.

Even after Gbenro left the “Dread Gang”, similarities in the face appearance between himself and Uti didn’t change as the striking resemblance between these two Nigerian celebrities is still very much noticeable.

4) Stephanie Okereke & Linda Ikeji


Another pair of look alike Nigerian celebrities is a popular Nigerian celebrity blogger – Linda Ikeji and award winning actress, producer and director – Stephanie Okereke.

By merely taking a look at these two beautiful Nigerian female celebrities, you might think they’re siblings but the truth is that they’re not related in anyway.

5) Genevieve Nnaji & Ivie Okujaye


Genevieve Nnaji and Ivie Okujaye are one pair of look alike actresses that really confused me at first sight. Damn, they look so much alike!

They are both Nollywood actresses, models and television personalities who are based in Nigeria currently. By merely taking a look at them you would be astonished by the striking resemblance between these two Nigerian celebrities and also think they’re siblings and possibly twins.

Both of these actresses are very beautiful and forever young. Wow.

Take a look at this image as tell us in the comment section if you can differentiate between Genevieve and Ivie.

Who’s Genevieve and who’s Ivie?

6) Di’ja and Nneka


Di’ja and Nneka are both musicians, songwriters and entertainers who have a very strong resemblance and merely taking a look at them, one would think they are siblings.

Although some people believe Di’ja has also got her celebrity twin but the truth is that these entertainers are not related in anyway but they look so similar when it comes to their facial appearance. Another interesting thing about these two singers is their interest in looking so natural and the way they both look way younger than their age.

7) Femi Kuti & Kalu Ikeagwu


Another popular pair of celebrity lookalikes in Nigeria is an award winning musician and entertainer and son – Femi Kuti and a Nollywood actor and writer – Kali Ikeagwu. These are two handsome Nigerian entertainers who look very much alike when it comes to their facial appearance.

8) Hanks Anuku and Majek Fashek


Hanks Anuku & Majek Fashek are Nigerian entertainers who look very much alike at first sight and one would think these two are real siblings or somehow related.

In case you don’t know, Hanks is a Nollywood actor while Majek is an award winning reggae musician. Many believe that aside looks, these two guys have something in common which is Marijuana smoking.

9) Adebantu & Bryan Okwara


Adebantu & Bryan Okwara also have their place on our list of lookalike celebrities in Nigeria. Although Adebantu is a little bit older than Bryan, the resemblance between these two Nigerian entertainers is very much noticeable.

10) Akua Tokunboh & Yinka Davies


Very striking resemblance between these two Nigerian celebrities which would make you wonder if they’re siblings or at least related in some way.

Unlike most celebrity lookalikes listed in this article these ones do not share the same or similar career paths. Akua is a beauty queen who won the Miss Ghana USA in 2014 while Yinka Davies is a Nigerian vocalist, dancer, lyricist and judge of reality show, Nigerian Idol.

11) Mercy Aigbe & Mary Remmy


Mercy Aigbe and Mary Remmy are Nollywood actress who also have a striking resemblance. They’ve also featured in quite a number of movies as sister and they appeared as a great fit for the movie role.

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