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NSCDC Ranks & Salalary Structure

If you’re interested in knowing the ranks of Nigerian civil defense officers and their salary structure, then you’re on the right page as well be showing you the various NSCDC ranks, symbols, and their respective salary structure.

NSCDC ranks and salary structure

The Nigerian Civil Defence Corps is a paramilitary institution that was established by the federal government of Nigeria in May 1967 in a view to providing measures against threat and any form of attack or disaster against the nation and its citizenry. This institution was empowered by lay Act No. 2 of 2003 and amended by Act 6 of 4 June 2007.

Just like other military and paramilitary institutions in Nigeria like the Nigerian army, airforce, and navy, the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps also has a rank and salary structure for its officers. This ranking structure helps the NSCDC and other military and paramilitary institutions to have a more organized chain of command.

Another important thing to note about the NSCDC ranks is that also have commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers. The highest-ranking officer in the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps is the Commandant General while the least ranking officer is the Assistant Cadre.

Without wasting more time, let’s take a look at the ranks of Nigerian Civil Defence Officers, their symbols/badges/insignia, and the salary structure of those ranks.

Nigerian Civil Defence Corps NSCDC Ranks (Commissioned & Non-Commissioned Officers)

  • Assistant Cadre – Level 3 to 5 (These are the lowest ranking officers in the NSCDC)
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre (AIC) – Level 6
  • Inspectorate Cadre (IC) – Level 7
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II (ASC) – Level 8
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I (ASC) – Level 9
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre (DSC) – Level 10
  • Superintendent Cadre (SC) – Level 11
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre (CSC) – Level 12
  • Assistant Commander (AC) – Level 13
  • Deputy Commander (DC) – Level 14
  • Chief Commander (CC) – Level 15
  • Assistant Commandant General (ACG) – Level 16
  • Deputy Commandant General (DCG) – Level 17
  • Commandant General CG – Level 18 (This is the highest-ranking position in the NSCDC).

Another important thing you should know you should know about the NSCDC is that ranks are given according to levels. Graduates (Bachelors’ degree holders) are placed on level 8 for a start while HND holders are placed on level 7. Medical doctors and other experts in the medical field are placed on level 12 while Master’s degree holders and Legal practitioners are placed on level 9.

Latest NSCDC Salary Structure (Yearly)

  • Assistant Cadre – 296,506 Naira – 374,259 Naira
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre – 357,385 Naira – 411,454 Naira
  • Inspectorate Cadre – 483,014 Naira – 567,065 Naira
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II – 858,956 Naira – 986,991 Naira
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I – 939,310 Naira – 1,056,416 Naira
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre II – 1,012,562 Naira – 1,143,539 Naira
  • Superintendent Cadre II – 1,094,027 Naira – 1,252,038 Naira
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre II – 1,158,172 Naira – 1,325,234 Naira
  • Assistant Commander – 1,225,584 Naira – 1,405,449 Naira
  • Deputy Commander – 1,619,447 Naira – 1,825,589 Naira
  • Chief Commander – 1,759,921 Naira – 1,966,281 Naira
  • Assistant Commandant General – 2,272,288 Naira – 2,464,560 Naira

The figures listed above are the estimated salaries earned by NSCDC officers yearly and this depends on their rank. Higher ranking officers get a bigger amount while lower-ranking officers go home with lesser amounts yearly.

You can get the estimated monthly salaries of these officers by diving the above figures by 12.

Apart from their monthly salaries, officers of the Nigerian civil defense corps also enjoy some monthly allowances and as expected, higher-ranking officers in the NSCDC enjoy huge benefits when it comes to monthly allowances but this doesn’t mean that other lower-ranking officers don’t enjoy theirs too.

The Nigerian Civil defense corps recruitment portal is opened whenever new officers are needed and the application process is entirely done online. Names of successful applicants are shortlisted afterward also on their online portal and these applicants proceed for their training at selected centers.

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