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How To Activate Airtel Instagram Bundle


Airtel recently introduced a new data plan which is targeted at Nigerians who use Instagram a lot. The Airtel Instagram Bundle is a social media plan which can only be used on Instagram to view videos, and pictures, chat with friends, and more.

With this new social media bundle, you’ll get 1GB of data for 200 Naira only and this can only be used on Instagram.

Don’t smile yet. There’s a little problem…

The only problem with this Airtel Instagram bundle is that it lasts for only one day. YES! 24 Hours! But if you’re addicted to Instagram or a social media influencer, this data bundle could still be a great fit for your needs.

Without wasting much of your time, let me teach you how to activate this airtel Instagram bundle for 200 Naira.

Note – This Instagram bundle doesn’t require you to migrate to any service or feature.

How To Activate Airtel Instagram Bundle

Please follow the steps below to activate your Airtel Instagram bundle easily from your mobile device.

  1. Recharge your phone with a minimum of 200 Naira as this amount is required to activate the data plan.
  2. Navigate to your dialer or phone app and Dial *141*205#. Your data account will be credited with 1GB of data.
  3. When you get a message that your plan has been activated successfully, launch your Instagram app and start enjoying your bundle.

Please Note That:

  • This data plan cannot be used on your PC. It can only be used with your Instagram app on Android and iOS devices.
  • This plan is only valid for 24 Hours Only after which it will expire.
  • You need a minimum of 200 Naira in your account to activate this data plan. You can top up with your bank’s mobile app or buy a recharge voucher/card.


The Airtel Instagram Bundle is one of the best data bundles rolled out by Airtel Nigeria this year. It is highly valuable to those people who love to use Instagram a lot to watch video clips and view photos.

We hope that you’ve learned how to activate this data plan yourself. If you encounter some problems during activation, you can always contact Airtel customer care service to get the issue rectified on your Airtel SIM card.

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