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Highest Paying Courses In Nigeria

Most Nigerian students gain admission into the university without knowing the profitability of the course they wish to study and that’s why we’ve created the article to show you a list of the highest-paying courses in Nigeria right now.

Highest paying courses in Nigeria
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Going for a course related to your passion is good but this shouldn’t lure you into studying a non-lucrative course as a student in Nigeria as this can lead to many issues in the future due to the rising levels of unemployment in the country.

Although there is no assurance that you will always find a high-paying job in Nigeria if you study any of these courses, it is better to be at advantage with a degree in any of these courses since whenever you get a job, it will come with nice take-home pay.

In this article, you will find a list of some of the highest-paying courses one can study at a Nigerian University right now. These courses are mostly professional courses and come with some of the highest salaries in the job market.

Highest Paying Courses In Nigeria Right Now

Medicine & Surgery

Medicine and medicine-related courses like surgery, optometry, dentistry, pharmacy nursing, and more are some of the most profitable courses for Nigerian students.

Doctors, surgeons, and other medical officers are some of the highest-paid professionals in Nigeria currently regardless of which sector they work in (i.e privately employed or working for the Nigerian government in any public clinic or hospital).

Although studying most highly paying medical courses takes a whole lot of time in Nigerian universities, you can be sure that your time spent in the university is worth it after getting a good job in the medical line because of the huge amounts of money most gainfully employed medical practitioners enjoy at the end of each month.


Law is another high-paying course we can recommend for students in Nigeria to study because of the high employment opportunities that surround this particular course.

Although most newly inducted Nigerian legal practitioners complain of relatively lower pay than their counterparts at a higher level, making money as a lawyer greatly involves smartness and connections in Nigeria.

As a lawyer in Nigeria, the best way to make a relatively higher income is by setting up your own law firm and interacting with your clients directly. Although this is not an easy task to accomplish, it is basically one of the best ways to make money as a legal practitioner in the Nigerian legal industry.

Another good thing about this particular course is that it can also prepare you for a career in politics. If you take a look at modern-day well known Nigerian politicians like Babatunde Fashola, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Nyesom Wike, and many others, you will discover that these politicians have their educational background traced back to the legal profession before venturing into politics.

Computer Science/Engineering

Computer science and other computer-related courses are regarded as “hot-cake” courses in most Nigerian universities.

Information technology and its branches play a strong role in the development of any nation and this has brought about a high demand for computer specialists in Nigeria.

Experts in any computer-related profession (especially the ones who are specialists in a particular field) are in high demand in Nigeria and they are paid well plus there are many other prospects with computer science and other related courses.

Some areas in which you can specialize as a computer major include mobile app development (Android or/and iOS), web design & development, embedded systems programming, blogging, digital marketing, social media influencer/PR, online tutoring, and many other online and offline information technology-oriented fields you can look into.

The only downside of studying computer science and its sister courses is that you can learn some of these IT skills even without seeing the four walls of a university.

Nevertheless, what differentiates you from your counterparts without formal university education in these fields is your certificate and other side knowledge you must have gotten from the university, and trust me, these things play a vital role in securing any job opportunity that might come your way.

Business Management/Administration

If you’ve been wondering whether business administration or “biz admin” (as most Nigerian students call it) is a well-paid course in Nigeria, I’m here to tell you that it is.

Even though you don’t always need a degree in business administration and management to manage a business, a certain level of expertise in management if a business must grow and that’s where well-trained business administrators and managers come in.

Business administration is one of the highest paying courses in Nigeria and experts in this field smile home with good pay at the end of each month.

Your earning/pay as a business administrator or manager is largely determined by your level of experience and expertise in the profession because managing a business is a very huge task that can’t be performed by inexperienced individuals.

Accounting & Finance

Accounting is one of the best commercial courses you can study in Nigeria if you have an interest in the commercial parts of things.

With a degree in Accounting & Finance, you can work almost anywhere, just name it!

Some of the major money-spinning areas where most Nigerian accountants can work include airports, banks, churches, hospitals, schools, hotels, supermarkets, government offices, and many others.

Overall accounting with finance is one of the highest-paying courses you can study in any of the Nigerian universities offering the course and it is mainly for those students who have an interest in the Nigerian commercial industry.

Petroleum Engineering

Nigeria is an oil-rich country and in fact, graduates who work in petroleum companies like Shell, Chevron, NNPC, and others are some of the highest-paid in the country.

Graduates of petroleum engineering play a major role in the advancement of oil mining and the production of petroleum products in any country of the world and with Nigeria being a major oil-producing country, you can be sure that petroleum engineers who are experts at what they do are some of the highest-paid individuals in the country.

Petroleum engineering is one of the highest paying courses in Nigeria and regardless of which field you choose to dive into after your stay in any higher institution in Nigeria or abroad, you can be sure of very impressive pay when you eventually get a good job.

Estate Management

Estate management is one of the few underrated courses with a very high earning potential for experts who know their onions in the field.

Basically, this course involves the evaluation, assessment, acquisition, management, and possibly, disposal of property.

Estate managers don’t necessarily manage only estates, they manage and building or group of buildings ranging from offices, hotels, retail stores, and even residential properties.

Overall estate management is a very good course to study in Nigeria. Career opportunities for this course in Nigeria are relatively small when compared to other developed or developing countries of the world, but the demand for estate managers in Nigeria has been on the higher side recently.

Another good thing about estate management as a course in Nigeria is that you can be self-employed which means that with adequate funding, one can start an estate management business and be successful without having to look for jobs.


Architecture and its sister courses are some of the highest-paying courses in Nigeria this year.

This course is not an easy course to study in any Nigerian university but if you’re good at it, Architecture can turn out to be a money-spinner for you in the future.

As an architect in Nigeria, you can set up your own studio and start drawing building plans for your clients. In this line of profession, your pay largely depends on your level of expertise which means that a well-experienced architect will earn more than a junior architect if they both work on the same project. So this means the more your level of expertise, the more money, and clients you get.

If you don’t want the stress of opening your own studio, there are plenty of organizations (especially construction companies, other architecture studios, and the Ministry of Works) who are ready to hire you if you’re good.

Overall, architecture is one of the most lucrative courses one can study in Nigeria and earn good pay on a daily, monthly, or contract basis.


Generally, Geology as a course is not widely known in Nigeria to be a course with high-income potential but we recently discovered this fact.

Basically, geology is an environmental-related course with deals with the study of the solid Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the processes by which they change over time.

Geologists are beginning to gain the required attention in the Nigerian oil industry. They are also experts in detecting earth metals, minerals, crude oil, natural gas, precious stones, water, etc, and methods to extract them.

Presently in Nigeria, geologists are highly sought after by oil companies because of their special knowledge in the detection of possible areas for oil exploration in the country.

Geologists are also largely needed in the Nigerian mining industry. If you’re interested in knowing more about the Earth and how to explore valuable income potentials from it, then geology is a great course for you to study.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering “Elect Elect” is another popular course in Nigeria with a very high earning potential right now.

Basically, this course is the study of and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism to solve real-life problems.

Electrical engineers can work virtually everywhere where there is a need for electricity. Some of these many industries include IT firms, manufacturing industries, telecommunications companies, aerospace companies, and so on.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, pursuing a career in one of the highest-paying courses in Nigeria can be a smart choice for students who want to secure a stable and financially rewarding future.

From engineering and medicine to law, computer science, finance, and more, there are several lucrative fields of study that offer excellent job prospects and high earning potential in the country.

In this article, we shared a well-researched list of the highest-paying courses you can study in Nigeria right now (in no particular order), and studying any of these courses will put you above your peers in other low-quality courses in terms of job opportunities and salary prospects.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that earning a high salary requires hard work, dedication, and a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

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