How To Check Car Plate Number Owner In Nigeria

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to get the driver of that car by all means? Or maybe there is the car you saw on the road whose driver isn’t obeying necessary traffic laws or casing problems and you want to report him/her to the appropriate authorities?

Well, this post is all you need as we will be showing you how you can check the car number plate owner of any registered vehicle you find on Nigerian roads.

Most Nigerian drivers drive recklessly (especially in Lagos State) and this is a known fact all over the country. Although the Federal Road Safety Corps and the transport management agencies of various Nigerian states are trying their best to curb this menace, they need the help of the citizens too to report various traffic offenders to them.

One of the worst scenarios which happen on most Nigerian roads daily is the “Hit And Run” problem. In case you see this, you must report these drivers to the appropriate authorities in your vicinity.

That being said, it is very necessary to arm yourself with valid information before proceeding to report traffic offenders to the appropriate bodies, and one of the easiest ways to get the details of these offenders is from the plate numbers on their vehicles.

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Without wasting more time, let’s show you how to check car number plate owners in Nigeria and the processes involved.

How To Check Car Number Plate Owner In Nigeria (Guide)

1. Report To The Nearest Police Station

One of the easiest ways to get the owner of any car in Nigeria is by reporting to any police station near you. On getting to the station, present them with the details of the car plate number and the reason why you’re filing the report: e.g hit and run driver, robbery, car snatching, and many others.

Most of the time, the Nigerian police will swing into action, and with the help of certain tools and contacts they have which aren’t available to the public, they will lay their hands on information to get the culprit and eventually arrest him/her based on the outcome of their investigation.

2. Contact The FRSC

The Federal Road Safety Corps as the name implies is a Nigerian agency saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of Nigerians on the road. They are also responsible for issuing driver’s licenses, car plate numbers, and other car papers in Nigeria.

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Since they are the ones who issued the plat number to the offender, the agency has the powers to get you all the details of the person in question but before they can disclose any personal information of the alleged culprit, you must be able to provide credible and convincing evidence to the officers on the ground.

When you eventually get the information from the FRSC, then you would have to contact the police and hand over these details to them, so they can fasten up the process of bringing the offender to book.

3. Hire A Private Investigator

If the above methods fail, then hiring a private investigator will be your best bet if you really want to get justice.

Although I don’t have any information on people or firms who can do these kinds of jobs in Nigeria, I believe that they’re out there, and getting them shouldn’t be that hard if you know someone who has been into this kind of problem before.

You can also lookup a list of notable private investigators in Nigeria on Google and other search engines and you might get one. However, you should and must be very careful as many fraudsters are parading as investigators with the sole aim of defrauding unsuspecting citizens who request their services.

4. Get A Court Order

Getting a court order isn’t a direct way to get the owner of a car with their plate number in Nigeria but it certainly helps to speed up the process.

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This court order is simply a document from any recognized court in Nigeria ordering the police or any related national agencies like the FRSC to give you the necessary details or information you may need as they (the court) has validated your claims.


One of the major ways to stay safe on Nigerian roads is by ensuring that you and your loved ones are being careful at all times and in some unfortunate cases, you’ll have to act fast to catch whoever tries to endanger your life or the lives of your loved ones.

The best way to get any defaulter on Nigerian roads is by noting the plate number as soon as you can and reporting to the right authorities as stated above.

It is also important to know that information of this type is usually very confidential so you have to provide verifiable and convincing evidence while requesting such details.

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