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Where & How To Download Nigerian Nollywood Movies

Are you a Nollywood lover? Looking for where and how to download the latest Nigerian movies? Or you are looking for the best websites that offer the latest and trending Nollywood movies. This article is for you where we will discuss where & how to download Nigerian Nollywood movies online.

Where & How To Download Nigerian Nollywood Movies Online (2023)


Downloading Nigerian Nollywood movies has become popular as the film industry continues to produce more content and is one of the world’s largest film industries, producing thousands of movies each year. Nollywood movies have a global fanbase, making them happy after downloading a movie on a website.

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There are millions of websites where you can download Nigerian Nollywood movies while there are other websites that stream movies online for free. 

Below are sites to watch & download Nigerian Nollywood movies online for free

  • Zera TV
  • Nigerian Watch
  • Sahara TV
  • Video Naijj
  • Mynollywoodmovies
  • Nigeriamovienetwork
  • Realnollytv
  • Netflix 

These are the best websites where you can watch and download Nigeria Nollywood movies for free.

Guide on How To Download Nigerian Movies Online

There are ways you can download movies for free. You can download through EOD sites, wapka sites or mobile sites.

How To Download Your Favorite Nigerian Movies For EOD Sites

EOD also known as Entertainment-On-Demand are sites like iBakaTV, iROKOTV e.t.c. They provide their subscribers with a platform to watch their favorite movies with a subscription fee while subscribers renew their subscriptions annually or bi-annually.

How to download Nollywood movies from iROKO TV:

  • Register and Log on to through app, smart phone or laptop.
  • Click on “subscribe”
  • Click on “create an account” next.
  • Fill the form provided.
  • Select a payment method.
  • Select the subscription plan of your choice you want to pay for.
  • Fill in your card details for payment of subscription.
  • A confirmation message with a link should be sent to your mail to activate your account.
  • Click the link provided in the mail to activate your account.
  • Select your favourite Nigerian movie to download.
  • Click download and wait patiently for the Nigerian movie to complete the process.

List of Top 10 Best Websites To Download Nollywood Movies For Free

Below is the top 10 best websites to download Nollywood Movies for free.

Ibaka TV

Blessing Idornigie is the C.E.O of IbakaTV, a TV of entertainment where you can see many Nigerian movies and accessible for download. IbakaTV is one of the largest and fastest streaming platforms of more than 15000 hours of movies and TV content and also one of YouTube’s accomplice in Africa where there are over 1 million subscribers not only In Nigeria but in other countries. You can access IbakaTV on your SMART TV, Samsung, Android or Apple TV.

Iroko TV

IrokoTV was founded in 2011 by Jason Njoku, where it started it downloading of movies before it was developed has the biggest Nollywood movies in the world. With IrokoTV can download a number of Nollywood movies on your PC, Macbook, Ipad or smart phone.

The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and discover new movies. Users can search for films by genre, actor, or title.


The platform offers high-quality streaming, allowing users to watch movies in crisp video and clear audio which enhances the viewing experience and makes it suitable for both mobile devices and larger screens. NollyLand is designed with a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation. Users can easily browse through movies, explore different categories, and discover new releases. NollyLand is accessible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and computers.


RealNollyTv website brings you free Nigerian Nollywood movies for download. It is one of the fastest platform to download Nigerian films. RealNollyTV is its support for offline downloads. Users can download Nollywood movies and watch them later without an internet connection, which is especially convenient for travelers or those with limited internet access. RealNollyTV offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to access your favorite Nollywood movies.


WapBaze is an entertainment website that has a lot of Nollywood movies. This movie download website is the best platform to download Nigerian movies and also other foreign films. You can likewise stream WWE games, Comedy skits, and lot more using this platform.


Was established in 2007 and has developed to become one of the best online entertaining platforms where you can download the most recent Nollywood films, if you are in search of latest movies, NaijaPals is where you can see and download latest movies not only movies but you can also download recent Nigerian music. It is accessible on your mobile device, Smartphone, Tablet devices and also IOS devices.


What is the best website to watch Nollywood movies online?

Naijapals is one of the best free websites to watch Nigerian movies online. The site is also where you can find Nigerian music and videos for free.

Who is the owner of iROKOtv Nigeria?

Jason Njoku is Founder and CEO of Iroko, the home of Nollywood content.

Which site can I watch Nigerian movies online for free?

iROKOtv, Nollywoodbest and Nollywood5star.

How to download Nollywood movies on iROKOtv?

How to download Nigerian movies from iRokoTV. While exploring the application, you will find the ‘Download’ button.


When it comes to downloading Nollywood movies online, the key is to choose legal methods that supports the industry and its talented creators. Choosing legal sources is a responsible and respectful way to enjoy these films. We believe this article was informative and captivating for you. Enjoy your Nollywood movie journey.

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