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The Largest City in Africa By Land Mass

Have you been wondering what the largest city in Africa by land mass is? Or have you been researching to know the largest city in Africa by land mass, you might be wondering that there are many large cities in Africa but you definitely want to know the largest city by land mass.

The Largest City in Africa By Land Mass

The largest city in Africa by land mass is Cairo in Egypt with a land mass of 606 square kilometers (about 234 square miles). In this article we will be discussing the largest city in Africa by land mass. Read also: Forbes Top 10 Richest Men in Nigeria (2023)

Cairo, Egypt 

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, and it stands as the largest and most populous city in Africa, with a spread of urban development over 20 million residents, making it one of the most populated cities in the world. Cairo known as “City of a Thousand Minarets”, was founded by the Fatimid Caliphate in the 10th century.

It was established as the new capital of Egypt in the year 969 CE, replacing the former capital, Fustat and its history and culture are one of the most important, as well as being one of the most explored in the history of humanity. 

The city boasts numerous historical landmarks, including the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum. The Egyptian capital is a tourist having some of the best-kept Egyptian civilization relics and sculptures. Cairo’s culture is a fusion of tradition and innovation. The city is known for its vibrant street life, markets, and bustling bazaars.

The cityscape is a blend of old and new, with historic mosques and palaces close to contemporary skyscrapers. Cairo’s history is as old as civilization itself. It has served as the capital of Egypt for more than a thousand years, bearing witness to the rise and fall of Pharaonic dynasties, Persian conquests, Roman rule, and Islamic expansion. 

Cairo is notorious for its traffic, where the streets with cars, scooters, and pedestrians. While it can seem chaotic to outsiders, it’s an integral part of the city’s character, where the rhythm of daily life plays out in the midst of bustling thoroughfares. Cairo faces the challenges that come with rapid urbanization and overpopulation, including traffic, pollution, and housing issues. 

However, it remains a city of paradoxes, where ancient history and modern life coexist. Its resilience and rich heritage make it a compelling destination for travelers and a significant center for political, economic, and cultural life in Egypt. Cairo, as the largest city in Africa, is a dynamic fusion of history and modernity. 

Its rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and vibrant street life continue to draw travelers and scholars, while its role as Egypt’s political and economic center ensures its significance on the African and global stage. Cairo is a city where ancient wonders coexist with contemporary urban life, making it a destination that truly express Egypt’s past and present.

Cairo’s neighborhoods reflect a cultural landscape, from the historic Islamic architecture of the old city to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of areas like Zamalek and Maadi.


What is the smallest city in Africa?

The smallest city in Africa is Pólo, Angola. The total population of the city is 4,031. The city covers an area of 1 km2. Pólo was founded by the Portuguese on August 23, 1955.

What is the largest city on earth?

Tokyo, Japan is the largest city on Earth, with a population of 37.4 million people, which is over four times the population of New York City, USA.

Which state is bigger than Nigeria?

The only U.S. state that exceeds Nigeria in land mass is Alaska at 663,000 square miles compared to Nigeria’s 357,000.

Which country is the giant of Africa?

Nigeria’s economy is the largest in Africa, the 31st-largest in the world by nominal GDP, and 26th-largest by PPP.

Which state in Nigeria has the smallest?

Lagos State is the smallest state in Nigeria which has the highest urban population, which is 27.4 % of the national estimate.

What is the richest capital city in Africa?

Johannesburg, remains Africa’s wealthiest city.


Egypt, with its largest city Cairo, as the largest city in Africa, know for it population, historical significance, and cultural vibrancy. As the largest city in Africa Cairo remains a city of  a place where the sands of time have left great marks on its landscape, Egypt’s heritage and promise are both beautifully embodied making it a destination that makes travelers to explore its rich history and embrace its dynamic present. The city’s embrace of the mighty Nile River further enriches its charm.

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