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The Northern States In Nigeria: Full List

The Northern States In Nigeria: Full List

Nigeria is a large country that is divided into various regions and these regions are further divided into 36 states which makes up the country we now know as Nigeria.

The regions in Nigeria are namely the Northern region (North-east, north-west & north central), the south-south, the south-west, and the south-east region. These regions can also be called geopolitical zones and in this article, we shall be focusing on the Northern region of the country and its states.

Northern Nigerian states are some of the largest in the country and in fact, Niger state which is the largest state in Nigeria in terms of land area is a Northern state.

Major economic activities in the Northern region of Nigeria include Farming, Mining, Fishing, Hunting, Trading, Weaving, Blacksmithing, Dying, Mat Making. The region is also one of the most populated regions in Nigeria and it is estimated that this region inhabits over 90 Million people within its states.

People from this part of Nigeria mostly Muslims but you can find a handful of Christians majorly in southern Kaduna and Traditional worshippers too.

Without wasting more time, let’s show you a list of all Northern states in Nigeria.

The Northern States In Nigeria: Full List

In present-day Nigeria, there are 19 states or provinces that make up the northern part of the country, and these states are subdivided into the North East, North West, and North Central geopolitical zones.

Below is a list of all northern states in Nigeria arranges in no particular order.

  1. Bauchi
  2. Benue
  3. Borno
  4. Kano
  5. Katsina
  6. Kogi
  7. Plateau
  8. Taraba
  9. Niger
  10. Adamawa
  11. Kaduna
  12. Sokoto
  13. Gombe
  14. Jigawa
  15. Kebbi
  16. Nassarawa
  17. Yobe
  18. Zamfara
  19. Ilorin

Kanos state is ranked as the most populated Northern state and the second most populated state in the country and it is located in North Central Nigeria.

Niger state is also ranked as the largest state in Nigeria with a surface area of about 76,363 Kilometer Square (km²).

The Kano Native Authority, an offshoot of the Fula Kano Emirate, inherited the ancient trade industries that fuelled the trans-Saharan trade with North Africa. The Province of Zaria is home to the City of Kaduna, an autonomous capital city that serves as the nation’s capital and home to its national institutions.

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