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How To Stop Drug Abuse In Nigeria 

Drug Abuse, often known as substance abuse is the harmful way of using both legal and illegal drugs. It can also be said as the misuse or inappropriate way of using drug. These drugs are cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and even legal substances like nicotine and caffeine when consumed excessively, most people use these drugs in order to enlighten their mood or uses them due to change of their mood, some medical issues are seen when taking drug abuse are mental disorders, heart disorders, liver and kidney problems, lung cancer.

 Drug abuse addiction auses cultism, sexual abuse, armed robbery, violence, drug trafficking. Youth feels it is a safe way to abuse drug and use them, but drug abuse is not a healthy way to use. 

The common reason why drug abuse are been spread In Nigeria is because of Depression, Anxiety, Peer Pressure, Poor Parenting, Parental Abuse, Environmental Circumstances, Traumatic Experiences, Lack of education. In this article we will enlighten you on how to stop drug abuse in Nigeria.

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How To Stop Drug Abuse In Nigeria 

Drug abouse In Nigeria can be easily avoided/reduced by the following:

The Government 

The government can support public awareness to educate the citizens about the risks of drug abuse  and also focus on building student’s knowledge to resist peer pressure. To prevent drug abuse in Nigeria, the government should:

  • Make a collaboration among the regulatory agencies, such as NDLEA, NAFDAC, and PCN.
  • Make public awareness through social and electronic media through the Federal Ministry of Health.
  • Ban access to any drugs that may lead to abuse
  • Provide education to the youths so as to keep them from being idle.
  • Creating employment opportunities for the youths.
  • Work with international organizations countries to stop drug trafficking.

The Family

Parents are often advised to mentor their kids at an early stage of their life so that they can have the knowledge of the society and how to avoid peer pressure. If parents fail to educate their children on certain things including drug abuse, they will be mentored wrongly by their friends at school or on the streets. To prevent drug abuse in Nigeria, parents should:

  • Educate their kids on the consequences and health issues of drug abuse.
  • They should avoid  anything that has to do with drug abuse in their home.
  • Give no tolerance to drug in or outside the house.
  • Avoid showing their children anything that relate to drug abuse.
  • Show their kids programs that preach against drug abuse.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

When it comes to preventing drug abuse in Nigeria The pharmaceutical industry should be involved because they play a crucial role in preventing drug abuse. Pharmaceutical companies should make sure that their products are marketed and distributed responsibly and also employing professionals and healthcare staffs who can prescribe and recognize signs of substance abuse in patients. Pharmaceutical companies should also support by disposing expired medications and by informing the other healthcare staff on disposal of expired medications.


Individuals can also prevent the use of drug abuse in Nigeria by:

  • Not giving in to peer pressure 
  • Associating with the right people and friends 
  • Knowing and understanding the effects of drug abuse 
  • Distracting yourself from taking drugs
  • Reaching out to people that can help you overcome addiction to drug abuse e.g healthcare professionals, therapists, or support groups.
  • Learning healthy ways to cope wiith stress, anxiety, and life’s challenges, such as exercise, meditation, or therapy.

Youth Groups 

Youth Groups are seen in any community in the nation, and they are always of help when it comes to preventing drug abuse In Nigeria. These groups educate young people about the risks and consequences of drug abuse and raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse. Through public campaign and community outreach they can share information regarding drug abuse and also gives room for the youth to share their experiences and provide support for them and gives hope to the youth.

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control [NAFDAC]

NAFDAC was founded in January 1993, and are responsible for the safety of food, drugs, packaged water and chemicals. They are under the federal ministry of health that deal in manufacturing, importation, exportation, distribution and advertisement. NAFDAC can prevy the use of drugs In Nigeria by:

  • Ensuring that every controlled medicine is duly registered.
  • Restricting access to hard substances and drugs, 
  • and issuing certificates by certified medical practitioners.
  • shutting down the illegal drugs, including roadside drug markets, kola nut sellers, local drug sellers, etc.
  • maintaining friendships with other agencies, including Nigeria Custom Services, Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, NDLEA, CPC, SON, NIPRD, PSN, AFBTE, PPMDA, and so on.

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency [NDLEA]

NDLEA founded in 1989 is one of the agencies that can prevent drug abuse in Nigeria. NDLEA is in charge of manufacturing, exporting, selling, and trafficking hard drugs. NDLEA can prevent drug abuse in Nigeria by :

  • keeping them updated on the latest drug trends and resources.
  • fighting against drug trafficking networks.
  • Employing the right people e.g., the trained ones, experienced and armed should be allowed to work in various positions in the agency. 
  •  campaigning using the media, including billboards, radio/TV, fliers, banners, and so on.


How does Ndlea prevent drug abuse?

Employees of NDLEA are the ones who carry out the destruction of drugs and other illegal substances. They also engage in prevention drug abuse activities.

What are the government agencies working to prevent drug abuse in Nigeria?

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA. National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, NAFDAC. Nigeria Customs Service, NCS. Nigeria Immigration Service, NIS.

What are the factors of drug abuse?

Factors of drug abuse are, Peer pressure, early exposure to drugs, sexual abuse, and parental guidance can affect a person’s likelihood of drug use and addiction.


Preventing drug abuse requires a commitment to the well-being of all Nigerians. The following list shows how to stop drug abuse in Nigeria, following these steps we are assuring that we saving lives and also protecting the nation’s health care with a brighter future. To stop drug abuse In Nigeria creating awareness for our youth about the consequences and risks of drugs, we encourage them to fight against drugs and those who have been addicted to it will be taken care of with proper treatment and support. Drug abuse is not a healthy way because it causes so much harm to the body.

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