Refer.Ng Review: How To Make Money From This Refer & Earn Platform In Nigeria review Review

Have you heard of Is legit? Did you know that you can be paid real cash for “just” referring people to a particular website online? These questions and more are what we will provide answers to in this post.

Maybe you might have heard of many other legit or scam “get paid to read news” websites which started in 2018. But has proven to be different from these guys. basically pays you N1,000 for anybody you invite to join the platform. Cool right? Let’s jump right into the post so that you can understand how this awesome platform works. Review: Is It Legit or Scam? Should I Trust Them?

This is my honest opinion about and a review too. I’ve personally earned a few bucks from this website and it’s the latest in the online money making industry today.

NOTE: This “make money online” method won’t work for you if you don’t know or understand the basics of referring people online. But we’ll be treating that at the end of this post so continue reading!.

What Is Sef? is basically a refer and earn platform. All you have to do is sit comfortably at home with an internet enabled device (smartphone or pc) and earn cool cash for referring people. Easy money ha?

This company is also a genuine company in Nigeria

it is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commision in Nigeria (CAC) with its registration number as RC 2737898. You can check the registration details here.

How I Discovered This Website

I saw some of their adverts on popular websites like Nairaland, Naijaloaded and even on NNU. So I began my research to see if was a legit website and it turned out to be one.

While conducting my research and looking for a review online, I found some proof of earnings by Prosper Noah of and this was one of the motivating factors that made me join the platform.

Enough of all these blah blah blah (LOL). How will I make money and how much can I make daily?

How To Make Money On

make money on

Making money on this platform is pretty straightforward – You refer someone, You earn!

To break this down, when signing up for this platform, you’re required to pay a sum of 1,600 Naira likewise all others who will join the platform from you.

So when you refer someone, takes 600 Naira out of the person’s registration fee and gives you the remaining 1,000 Naira. That’s it! 1,000 Naira earned.

If you refer 10 people in a day (after the successful registration of all of them), you’ll be making a total of 10,000 or more daily and up to 310,000 monthly.

How Does Make Their Own Money? makes it’s on income from adverts on your dashboard(as well as everybody else on the platform) and referral commissions(the 600 Naira thingy I mentioned above).

How To Create An Account On

Creating an account is very easy and this part of the blog post will be guiding you through all the registration procedures.


Step 1. Visit the registration page and fill in your correct details. Required information are your full name(first and last names), username, email, phone number and a good password(make it a strong one for better security).

Step 2. After completing the above step successfully, you’ll be directed to another page where you are to pay a one-time registration fee of 1,600 Naira(you should know this by now).

pay on
How To Pay On

How The Payment Works – All payments made on this platform and many other popular “pay to do stuff” platforms are secured and processed by a reliable payment company called PayStack in Nigeria. So there’s no need to worry as your card details are in safe hands.

Atm/Debit cards accepted for payments are MasterCard, Visa and Verve cards.

After entering your card details(Card number, Expiry date, CVV and Card pin), you’ll get an OTP code on your mobile phone.

Enter this code there and you’ll get the “Payment Successful” message which means your account has been fully approved.

Note – If you’re asked to enter a referral code, please enter “thenginfo” (without quotes) there (You’ll get 100 Naira for using the code when signing up).

How Can I Invite My Friends To

Referring your friends can be done easily by using special links given to you by This part of the post will show you how to get the link and share them with your friends.

Please note that you only get the commission when the person registers and not when anybody clicks the link.

To refer your friends to this platform, go to your dashboard and select the “Refer Your Friends” option.

You’ll be given your referral link which you can share anywhere on the internet and earn.

Referral Link Example

How to Withdraw Your Earnings On

This review wouldn’t be complete if we don’t teach you how to withdraw your earnings.

Note – You can only request for withdrawal after your earnings must have reached 3,000 Naira or more.

withdraw money

Step 1. Select the “Withdraw Money” option on your dashboard.

Step 2. Fill your bank account details and click the “Send Request” button to request payment.

Should I Trust With My Money?

The answer is YES! Absolutely. The way the platform works is pretty straightforward. You register, find referrals and get paid for finding them. has no hidden charges whatsoever. No transfer fees, no other charges after paying your one-time signup fee which is 1,600 Naira.

If you use “thenginfo” as your referral code when signing up, you’ll get a signup bonus of 100 Naira. So what are you waiting for? Register On now!

Best Ways To Get Massive Referrals Online

1. Facebook Friends

At this moment, this is the fastest way to get referrals. This involves using your personal Facebook profile to share the referral link with your friends and family members who might be interested in this platform.

All you need to do is to post a little write-up of how the platform works and put your referral link at the bottom. Cool huh?

2. Facebook Groups

This method works like the first method too. Just get a facebook group which has a large population of Nigerians and post a short article about how the platform works with your referral link at the bottom.

Just make sure you target a group that is highly populated and full of Nigerians so that your chances of getting referrals can be higher.

Don’t spam these facebook groups so you won’t get banned by the admins.

3. Instagram

This method will work if you have a good number of followers who are Nigerians. This involves posting about how works and posting your link at the end of the short article.

You can also post your links in the comment section of posts made by some Nigerian celebs an musicians.

4. Nairaland

Nairaland is the biggest online forum in Africa and Nigeria. With over 2.2 Million members and counting, your next referral might just be there waiting for you.

This is one of the best ways to get referrals if you won’t spam the forum with your links as this might get you banned for a very long time… LOL.

You can post create a new post showing how much you have earned(Nigerians love what they can see) and how they can too. BOOM! You can get as much as 50 referrals in a day if you play your game right and avoid the rot of the Mods.

5. Whatsapp

Whatsapp marketing still works too. You can share your referral links to many groups and contacts after telling them how to earn as well as how much you’ve earned from the platform.

6. Adverts

This one costs a lot of money and it’s also one of the best ways to get more referrals.

If you manage to get your referral link a website with high traffic by placing your banner on their homepage or other places, you can stand a chance of getting tons of referrals per day.

Remember that you’ll get 1,000 Naira for every user that signs up using your link.


This post has been about my honest thoughts on and a complete review. It’s up to you now to decide whether you’ll be using this as one of your major online income sources in 2019.

I sincerely guarantee you that you’ll make a lot of money from this website as long as you can work hard to get referrals.

So what are you waiting for? Register On Now!

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