How To Dance Zanku Legwork + Tutorial Videos

how to dance zanku legwork
How To Dance Zanku Legwork By Zlatan Ibile.

Do you want to learn how to dance Zanku legwork dance by Zlatan Ibile? This post contains the complete details on how to learn this legwork dance plus some bonus tutorials which you can watch on Youtube.

The Zanku dance became a very popular one after Chinko Ekun released a major hit which featured Zlatan Ibile and Lil Kesh.

Later Zlatan released a video for his song titled “Zanku(Legwork)” which also featured Lil Kesh. Since then, the Zanku dance has been the new dance step which is currently trending in Nigeria.

Origin Of Zanku Dance

Although the origin of this dance is partially unknown, people believe that the Zanku(Legwork) dance may have been formed by Zlatan Ibile aka ‘Kapaichumarimarichopaco’(Kapa-chu-mari-maricho-paco).

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Until anyone comes out to claim ownership of this dance, we believe Zlatan Ibile owns and created the dance.

How To Dance Zanku Legwork

Learning how to dance Zanku legwork isn’t hard unlike other dance steps like Shaku-Shaku and co. Just follow this step by step guide or better still, watch the videos at the end of this article if you don’t understand.

Steps on how to dance Zanku legwork are as follows:

Step 1

Get a good tune/music that’ll fit the song and dance to it. Some of these songs are as follows:

Step 2

Try to bend your neck to the direction of the floor and start lifting your legs(one by one) on a spot.

Step 3

Start moving your elbows – each to the opposite direction(right to left, left to right) like you want to give an upper-cut but not really doing it(LOL). You should be dancing by now.

Step 4

Then lift your right leg a bit(not too high though). Just after your right leg is about to touch the floor(after lifting it up), lift your left leg, but in this case, higher than the other leg you just brought down.

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Step 5

Just continue in this manner and you’re now a Zanku dancer. Lol.

Note – Some people love using handkerchiefs to dance Zanku but its not necessary at all. You can dance Zanku without anything on your hand.

It’s also advisable to use earphones/headsets so you can feet the Gbedu when it enters your body…Lol.

How To Dance Zanku Legwork: Best Tutorials On Youtube

1. How To Zanku (Dance Tutorial) By Chop Daily


3. 10 Best Zanku Legwork Dance Videos

Best Zanku Legwork Music Videos To Watch

There are lots of Zanku videos to watch and enjoy the dance. My favourite Zanku music video still remains Able God by Chinko Ekun ft Zlatan Ibile and Lil Kesh(So much love for this song).

Here are some music videos you can watch on youtube:

1. Able God by Chinko Ekun ft Zlatan Ibile and Lil Kesh

2. Zanku Legwork by Zlatan Ibile ft Lil Kesh

3. Jogor by Zlatan Ibile ft Lil Kesh & Naira Marley

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