How To Check Zenith Bank Account Balance On Phone (Online and Offline)

check account balance zenith bank

Did you know you can actually check your Zenith Bank account balance by just dialling USSD codes and using a mobile app? If “NO” then this post is for you because we are going to be discussing how to check zenith bank account balance on phone and how can I check my zenith bank account balance online.

Gone are the days whereby you’ll have to stand on a very long queue just to check your account balance at bank branches because most banks in Nigeria have introduced various banking platforms both offline and online versions to help you do almost all banking transactions you can think of.

How To Check Zenith Bank Account Balance On Phone (Offline)

  • Dial *966*00#
  • The USSD code must be sent using the number you entered when registering for Zenith AlertZ.
  • If you’re dialling this code for the first time, you will be asked to register by entering the last 4 digits of your ATM Card Either MasterCard or Visa
  • Then create 4 digit PIN
  • Confirm PIN
  • Then you’ll get a message saying “Retrieving balance. You will receive an SMS shortly.” Then click on the “Dismiss” button to cancel the popup.
  • After the above process, you’ll get an SMS with your account balance(s) (Savings and Current)
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How Can I Check My Zenith Bank Account Balance Online?

Checking your Zenith Bank account balance online is just as easy as checking it offline. There are two ways in which you can your account balance online and those are by using Zenith Bank mobile app or by checking it using the Zenith bank official website.

To check your account balance with the Zenith mobile app you need to download and register on the platform and follow the onscreen prompts to check your zenith bank account balance online.

Features Of Zenith Mobile App Include:

  • Checking your Account Balance.
  • Generate Statement of Account.
  • Book Hotels.
  • Activate and De-Activate ATM Cards.
  • Book Flight Tickets.
  • Manage Cheques.
  • Create a Zenith Bank Account.
  • Get Your Transaction History.
  • Mobile Banking & Mobile Wallet.
  • Get The Nearest Branch & ATM.

To use the Zenith Bank’s Website to check your account balance on your phone, you need to visit the official zenith bank website at and log in with your correct details to continue.




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